‘Don’t try to mess around at this location’: Jack In the Box Worker Openly Carries Firearm

In the fast food world, a new twist has left Jack in the Box customers divided and intrigued. A trending video uploaded by a user has shed light on a drive-thru worker who openly carries a firearm while on the job.

The video sparks questions, discussions, and even a touch of humor, creating a buzz in the online community.

What’s Happening at Jack in the Box?

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The 26-second video clip, which has amassed over 814,000 views, unfolds with a powerful message embedded in its caption: “What neighborhood would you find this fast food spot at?”

As the video begins, the user writes, “Went to Jack in the crack and noticed something unusual.” The footage shows a Jack in the Box employee with a sidearm holstered on their hip. The message from the worker is clear:

“Don’t try to mess around at this location.”

The video quickly moves into an exchange between the TikTok user and the drive-thru worker. The user asks, “Is that the .45 or 9?” The worker responds, confirming it’s the latter, and offers an explanation: “Yeah, it gets crazy at night.”

Sparked Reactions in Online Community

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The video has ignited curiosity and debates among commenters. Some support the drive-thru worker’s choice to openly carry a firearm. One commenter says,

“I fully support pew pew open carry.”

Another adds,

“Smart, especially working late shifts.” There’s even room for a touch of humor, “She really out here flipping Burgers with the Burner. Not talking about the with one person joking, stove in the back either.”

However, not everyone is on board with this practice. Some question the safety of late-night shifts at 24-hour restaurants, expressing concerns about potential danger. One user comments,

“No security at night for these 24-hour restaurants, worse for the one that the dining room is open. It’s scary at night; 911 can’t come on time.”

Another shares a similar experience:

“I went to a local pizza place, and the guy making the pizza had a Kimber .45 in a shoulder rig on.”

Legality of Firearm Open Carry

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Open carry of firearms in the workplace is a complex issue that touches upon safety, individual rights, and the legal landscape, particularly in states like Texas. Here, open carry of handguns is permissible under specific conditions, giving rise to many viewpoints and concerns among employers, employees, and the general public.

Texas relies on Section 46.02 of the Texas Penal Code to regulate the legality of open carry. This section covers several pivotal aspects, including:

  • Age Limit, Texas law typically mandates that individuals must be 21 or older to engage in open carry of handguns.
  • Section 46.02 lists various criminal convictions that disqualify individuals from participating in open carry, notably including felonies and domestic violence convictions.
  • A critical facet of the law stipulates that handguns must be securely carried in holsters for safety and accessibility reasons.

Furthermore, Texas employers maintain the prerogative to establish their firearm policies within the workplace. These policies can encompass open carry, concealed carry, or a complete prohibition of firearms on their premises. Clarity in communicating these policies to employees is crucial to maintaining a safe and harmonious work environment.

Virtual Talk With the Community: Is It Legal That Workers Carry Firearms In the Workplace?

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A discussion sparked when someone asked on Reddit whether businesses can force employees to carry firearms. One viewpoint opposes government intervention, highlighting employer autonomy in setting policies, particularly in private businesses. It emphasizes personal choice and the option to seek alternative employment.

Challenges related to government employment, like the debate on concealed carry in schools, are mentioned. The commenter suggests using voting power to influence policies in government/public jobs, advocating against government interference, and promoting issue resolution without government involvement.

In a separate post, an employer seeks advice on an employee carrying a gun at work due to safety concerns in a dangerous city, sparking a discussion on workplace handling of such situations.

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