“It Doesn’t Bother Me If You’re Married”: Electrician Crosses Line with Creepy Note

Imagine helping out at your spouse’s furniture store only to find a hidden note from an electrician openly hitting on you, fully aware you’re married.

That’s the unsettling reality one North Carolina TikToker faced, igniting a storm of online outrage.

The electrician’s transition from casual compliments to hiding a personal note in a sofa crossed professional boundaries and disrespected her marital commitment. Here’s the full story.

What A Creep

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At the start of her video, the woman shares that she occasionally lends a hand at her husband Colton’s furniture business. On a specific day, an electrician came to tweak the ceiling fans in the large area. It was then that the electrician demonstrated he was a complete “creep.”

But the electrician didn’t just exhibit “creepy” behavior; he also left behind proof for the woman’s spouse. The electrician quickly revealed his unsettling nature to the TikToker, stating he’d prefer to receive instructions from her. He soon complimented her, saying she was “gorgeous.” This was already somewhat unsuitable since he was there on professional grounds. However, the situation escalated dramatically.

“It broke my heart out there when they told me you were married,” he disclosed to her next.

But there’s more to this tale. Regarding her marital status, the electrician remarked it “doesn’t bother me,” and proposed they get together sometime. He admitted to secreting a note for her in the cushions of a couch on display.

Surprised, she mentions she brushed off the proposition with laughter, but then highlights the irony that she’s wed to the person employing the “creepy” electrician.

@maceon.mccracken I am consistently shocked at the nerve and audacity that some men have.
♬ original sound – Maceon McCracken | Realtor

Keep Your Note

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Regrettably, the electrician is set to spend more time at the office complex housing the furniture store. As the creator emphasized, she shouldn’t be made to feel uneasy in her own workspace!

Fortuitously, when Colton came back from a task at the nearby warehouse, he was primed to stand up for his wife. Armed with the note the electrician had left, he confronted him.

In a follow-up video, the creator recounts how Colton humorously handed back the inappropriate note to the electrician, suggesting he retain it.

The electrician then expressed deep regret, asserting he was unaware that the woman he had approached was the spouse of the furniture store’s proprietor. But as the creator rightly points out, why should that be relevant? The fact that she’s married should have been sufficient deterrent.

@maceon.mccracken Replying to @Beckham Sutton its a good thing Colton is the kind of person to handle it the way he did ‍♀️
♬ original sound – Maceon McCracken | Realtor

Lines Should Not Be Crossed

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In the end, Colton confronted the electrician directly, firmly stating, “No more notes to my wife!”

However, astonishingly, not everyone in the comments concurred with the manner in which this situation was addressed. Some argued that such confrontations and embarrassment over his actions are why men refrain from complimenting women. This justification of the electrician’s behavior is quite alarming, as the creator points out.

She clarified that there’s a distinct difference between offering a compliment and overstepping boundaries by “disrespecting” a woman’s marital status, dismissing it, and even going so far as to leave her a personal note. Her stance is clear: there are lines that should not be crossed, and this was one of them. Absolutely, she’s hitting the nail on the head!

@maceon.mccracken Replying to @Maceon McCracken | Realtor y’all are cracking me up in the comments if you’d like to support my husband’s furniture store its @BoxDrop Concord
♬ original sound – Maceon McCracken | Realtor

Thankfully, there’s a positive twist to the entire ordeal. As disclosed in a fourth video, the story caught racking up an impressive 8.6 million views.

This unforeseen spotlight could potentially have drawn a couple of new patrons to Colton’s furniture business. Naturally, the preference is that his wife doesn’t receive any more covert messages hidden in the store’s furniture! However, considering the wave of public interest, there might be a side of him that’s not entirely opposed to it happening again.

Respecting Client Spaces and Boundaries

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This electrician’s actions — expressing unsolicited interest, disrespecting the client’s marital status, and leaving a personal note in a private business space — are flagrant violations of professional decorum.

Such conduct not only breaches the trust clients place in service professionals but also raises serious concerns about safety and respect for individuals’ private lives.

It emphasizes the urgent need for industries, especially those involving home and business services, to enforce stringent standards of professional behavior and to educate workers about the sanctity of client spaces and the imperative of maintaining respectful professional interactions.

Beyond Professional Ethics

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This incident illuminates the broader societal issue of respecting personal boundaries, beyond mere professional ethics. The electrician’s disregard for the woman’s marital status and his imposition into her personal space reflect a culture that often excuses overbearing behavior, dismissing it as harmless or complimentary.

This mindset is problematic, contributing to environments where individuals feel entitled to overstep boundaries without considering the discomfort or threat posed to the recipient of such actions. There’s a pressing need for societal discourse that challenges these norms, advocating for a culture that respects individual autonomy, personal spaces, and, importantly, the choices and commitments of others, such as marital vows.

This change is not just about preventing individual discomfort; it’s about fostering a society that values and upholds all its members’ dignity, safety, and privacy.

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