When a Simple Escalator Ride Touched Millions: The Father-Son Bond That’s Going Viral!

Parenting is one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. You cannot take a day off or a vacation. You don’t have a boss; therefore, you cannot assess whether you are doing well. 

Meanwhile, a child having a parent is a privilege, a gem they have since birth. Parents are children’s superheroes and role models they look up to.

Luca Lobuono uploaded a Titkok video clip with a social experiment in which he pretended to be scared of the escalator. Then, something remarkable happened….

Capturing the Hearts of the Public….

This video captured the heart of the public, reaching 70.7M views, 79.2k comments, and 407.4k shares. TikTok users flooded in with positive comments about how sweet the young boy is, reflecting his father.

It was a typical mall scenario where shoppers were busy strolling by. Luca stood by on the escalator and did a social experiment. As mall goers pass on the escalator, he pretends to be a man who cannot even step in. 

People tend to ignore him, but when one family steps in, the father notices Luca. 

“Are you scared?” Dad said. Then he went to the man and held his hand helping him to step on the escalator. “Keep calm, relax yourself”, Dad instructed him. Then the man replied, “I’ve always been scared.”

Don’t Miss Out What the Father’s Child Did!

While in the middle of the escalator, the man’s child approaches his dad, who is holding the hand of the scared man. “What happens?” said the child. Meanwhile, the dad gave the man additional instruction, “Raise your foot when I say it,” he said.

Copying his father’s kindness, the child said, “Relax I am here. Don’t worry I’m Batman”, then held the scared man’s other hand.

Does Your Heart Melt With What the Child Said? Here’s What Viewers Had to Say

Moved with what the child said, Tiktok users heartwarmingly commented on the video clip. One Tiktok user commented that the kid has such a pure heart and is so cute. 

Another user said that the child watched the dad act with kindness and compassion and copied. The father played a significant role and said, “This is everything the world should be!”

Meanwhile, other users focus on their comment praising the child’s parents, stating the kid is a reflection of his parents, thus growing up modeling his dad. 

Also, some Tiktok users commented that the child had been raised well and had a beautiful soul. However, most of the viewers of the video emphasize that the kid has been brought up right to show compassion and empathy and not make fun. And they quote, “Well done parent”.

The Impact of Parents as Role Models

It ends with both father and child holding the hands of the scared man; the father holds the right while his child has the left. Then, while they were about to step out, Dad instructed the man, “Raise your foot now”, then tapped his shoulder as they did it successfully. 


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