Ex-McDonald’s Corporate Chef Explains Why McDonald’s Isn’t Keen on Bringing Back the Snack Wrap

Recently, the clamor for the return of McDonald’s Snack Wrap has been growing steadily. This relatively low-cost item, priced at about $1.59 when it was still available, was a favorite among many.

It comprised “100% white meat chicken breast (crispy or grilled), lettuce, shredded cheddar jack cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and sauce (ranch, honey mustard or salsa roja), wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.”

The Operational Complexity of the Snack Wrap

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Mike Haracz, who has a significant corporate research and development background at McDonald’s, recently shared his insights on why the Snack Wrap might not make a comeback.

According to Haracz, one of the primary reasons is the operational complexity of preparing the wraps. They are more complex and time-consuming to prepare than other menu items.

He mentioned,

“Yes. One of the big reasons that the Snack Wrap is gone is operational complexity. It is harder to make, it takes up space, and all that kind of stuff.”

This complexity extends to various stages of preparation, including steaming the tortillas, cutting the chicken, and assembling the ingredients to fit into the cardboard boxes, which has been echoed by other news outlets as well.

Customer Preferences and Profitability

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Furthermore, Haracz pointed out that the Snack Wrap’s discontinuation is also attributed to customer’s purchasing habits. Despite the demand for the return of certain menu items, McDonald’s recognizes that customers tend to stick to their regular orders.

Limited-time offers, like the McRib or Shamrock Shake, usually see customers purchasing them once before reverting to their usual orders, making it unprofitable for McDonald’s to retain them permanently.

Haracz emphasized,

“But a real big reason why some of these menu items that many people want are either taken away or don’t come back is because they know you are still gonna go to McDonald’s, and you are gonna order something else.”

This understanding of customer behavior ensures that McDonald’s continues to profit, even without reintroducing the Snack Wrap.

Public Reaction to the Explanation

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Despite the logical explanation provided by Haracz, only some seem content with the reasoning. Some individuals expressed their willingness to wait a bit longer to get the Snack Wrap, highlighting its popularity and demand.

Others pointed out the item’s availability in other countries and questioned why it couldn’t be the same in the US.

Moreover, some customers have found alternatives to satisfy their Snack Wrap cravings, with Burger King’s new Royal Crispy Wraps emerging as a popular choice.

Despite the disappointment surrounding discontinuing some menu items, it has kept people from patronizing McDonald’s, indicating the brand’s stronghold on its customer base.

The Discontinuation of McDonald’s Snack Wraps

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The article from Business Insider discusses why McDonald’s discontinued the snack wrap from its menu. Initially launched in 2006 to appeal to younger consumers seeking healthier snack options, the snack wraps did not meet the expected sales targets.

Despite being a healthier option, customers were not interested in wellness offerings from McDonald’s. Moreover, preparing these wraps took time and effort, significantly slowing down the service time. This complexity, coupled with the growing popularity of other healthy fast-food chains like Panera and Chipotle, led to the discontinuation of the snack wrap.

Interestingly, while the snack wraps have been removed from the US menus, they are still available in Canada. The company has no plans to reintroduce them in the US, focusing instead on enhancing their menu with low-cost additions that do not add complexity to the preparation process.

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