Family Confronts Tough Choice Ahead of Mountain Wedding Following Mother’s Recent Accident

A family faces a difficult decision regarding their daughter’s upcoming wedding following a serious accident involving the mother just a week before the big day.

The daughter finds it unacceptable that her mom cannot physically attend her big day.

An Unfortunate Accident

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The mother sustained a severe concussion and a broken foot in an accident a couple of weeks before the wedding. The concussion has led to a heightened sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights, and she finds herself easily overwhelmed in noisy environments.

The injury to her foot has further restricted her mobility, making it extremely difficult for her to move around.

The Heart-Wrenching Decision

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With the wedding scheduled for a week, the family is grappling with the decision of whether the mother should attend the wedding. Given her current condition, attending a large gathering could potentially exacerbate her symptoms and cause her considerable pain.

The family initially considered having her join the ceremony via FaceTime to avoid causing her discomfort.

The Daughter’s Reaction

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Upon learning of this plan, the daughter was understandably upset, leading to a significant argument with her family.

The disagreement escalated to the point where she uninvited her father from the wedding if her mother could not attend.

The father described the daughter as “extremely selfish” for insisting on her mother’s presence despite being aware of her medical condition.

Mountain Wedding

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Further complicating the matter is the wedding venue itself. The ceremony will take place at a mountainous location, a setting not conducive to someone with serious injuries due to its challenging terrain and the potential effects of high altitude on the mother’s concussion symptoms.

A Closer Look at Concussions

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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that temporarily affects brain function. Effects are generally temporary but can include headaches, and problems with concentration, memory, balance, and coordination.1

While some concussions cause loss of consciousness, most do not. The most common causes are falls, but they can also occur due to violent shakes of the head and upper body.

Symptoms and Seeking Medical Attention

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Symptoms of a concussion can be subtle and may not appear immediately, potentially lasting for days, weeks, or even longer. Common symptoms include headaches, confusion, and dizziness, among others.

In severe cases, symptoms such as repeated vomiting, a headache that worsens over time, and fluid or blood draining from the nose or ears can occur, necessitating emergency care.

Seeking a Resolution

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As the wedding day approaches, the family actively seeks a resolution that respects the mother’s health needs while also honoring the significance of the occasion for the daughter.

Suggestions from the community have included finding a way to compromise, such as holding a quieter, dimly lit ceremony to accommodate the mother’s sensitivities.

A Plea for Compromise

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One person in the comments suggested a compromise where the wedding could have dim or candle-lit vows with a prior announcement to keep the noise low due to the mother’s concussion.

They mentioned,

“Your daughter needs to understand that she may not have her perfect day in her head, but she would have all her loved ones for the vows.”

They urged the family to talk to each other and work something out.

Concerns for the Mother’s Health

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Given her current condition, another person emphasized the serious health risks associated with the mother attending a mountain wedding.

They said,

“Not only would it be hard for her to go up in a mountain with a wheelchair, but it’s also confirmed that high altitude can trigger effects that lead to post-concussion headache and brain swelling.”

They argued that attending the wedding could have a long-term negative impact on her recovery.

The Effects of High Altitudes on Brain Injuries

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According to Dr. Jeffrey Bazarian, an emergency physician with a strong research interest in traumatic brain injury, there is a theoretical risk associated with high altitudes for individuals who have had a brain injury.2

Dr. Bazarian mentions that low oxygen tension at high altitudes can potentially dilate cerebral blood vessels and even open the blood-brain barrier. This can lead to post-concussive headaches or mild brain swelling.

However, it is essential to note that no published studies substantiate this theoretical risk. The information suggests a nuanced situation where the family must weigh the potential, albeit theoretically substantiated, risks against the emotional significance of the mother’s presence at the wedding.

Given this information, the family might consider consulting with healthcare professionals to better understand the potential risks and make an informed decision that prioritizes the mother’s health while also trying to honor the daughter’s wishes for her special day.

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