She Recreated the Famous Crumbl Cookies for Just 97 Cents

Who doesn’t love a good budget hack, especially when it involves cookies? One clever TikTok user has won over the internet by baking Crumbl Cookies’ famous treats using only Dollar Tree ingredients.

This delicious, cost-effective DIY has amazed viewers, proving you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a delightful snack. Ready to embark on this budget-friendly baking journey? Here’s how it’s done!

A Recipe for Savings

The TikToker, known for sharing budget-friendly eating ideas, created a video featuring a recipe for thick, chewy cookies made from Dollar Tree ingredients. The video showcases how to make nine cookies for just $8.75, which stands in contrast to the approximate cost of $4 per cookie at Crumbl.

In the video, the TikToker playfully remarks,

“I love how many of you had to do a double-take to realize that these are not actually Crumbl Cookies. They are cookies that I made entirely from Dollar Tree ingredients, and I just put them in a Crumbl box.”

This content creator has previously gained attention on the platform for sharing tips on finding affordable items at Dollar Tree, creating multiple meals for just $20, and securing a week’s worth of groceries for only $35.

@dollartreedinners Dollar Tree “Crumbl” Cookies – Peanut Butter Cup (Recipe Below)…

Community Reactions

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Many viewers expressed their gratitude to the creator for sharing these budget-friendly recipes, especially for items like Crumbl Cookies that may be costly for some.

Additionally, some commenters offered helpful tips and suggestions for tweaking the poster’s recipe to suit individual tastes or preferences, such as thinning out the frosting, adjusting ingredients, or modifying the preparation process.

Embracing Home Cooking

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In the current economic climate, people are getting creative finding less expensive alternatives for favorite items, and one significant trend is the shift towards home cooking.

Cooking at home, regardless of the recipe, is not just a cost-saving exercise but a step towards healthier living. When you cook, you’re in complete control of the ingredients, allowing for a healthier diet, especially beneficial for those with dietary restrictions.

It’s a practice that encourages weight management, as studies have shown that frequent home cooking is associated with a healthier diet and fewer calories consumed. Moreover, it allows for more variety in meals and helps practice portion control, which is essential for maintaining a healthy diet.

Tips for Success

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The resurgence of home cooking is not just about health; it’s also about empowerment and creativity. To successfully navigate this, one must always read the whole recipe to avoid missing essential steps and make comprehensive grocery lists for efficiency. Meal prep is crucial; it saves time and prevents common cooking mistakes.

Timing in cooking is vital, especially when the recipe includes multiple components or side dishes. Don’t hesitate to modify recipes to suit your taste or dietary preferences. Lastly, clean as you cook to avoid post-meal messes, making the experience more enjoyable and sustainable.

Remember, collecting and revisiting your favorite recipes is part of the joy of cooking, ensuring you always have a well-loved dish to fall back on.

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