Fears of Hyperinflation Flood TikTok Amid Rumors of New BRICS Currency Launch

The 15th BRICS summit, a notable global economic event recently commenced in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The summit has ignited discussions and speculations about the potential introduction of a common currency among the BRICS nations, potentially altering the current dynamics of global trade and economy.

The BRICS Bloc: A New Economic Powerhouse

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BRICS, an acronym representing Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, signifies an economic coalition of some of the most economically potent countries globally. These nations account for a larger share of the global GDP than all the G7 countries combined.

In recent years, proposals have surfaced advocating for a deeper integration of the bloc, including introducing a common currency to facilitate trade within the group, thereby reducing the dependency on the U.S. dollar in global trade.

During a speech at a BRICS-affiliated bank in Shanghai in April, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva raised a pertinent question:

“Who was it that decided that the dollar was the currency after the disappearance of the gold standard?”

Speculations and Reactions

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Despite the official stance indicating that the concept of a common currency is still far from realization, speculations about its imminent introduction are rife.

Some individuals claim that the BRICS nations are in the process of implementing a new digitalized currency backed by gold, which could revolutionize the way economics and trades function globally.

However, India’s Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra clarified that the discussions within the BRICS nations have primarily focused on increasing trade in respective national currencies, a concept considerably different from a common currency.

Potential Implications of the New Currency

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The rumors surrounding the new currency have led to a flurry of discussions about its potential implications. Some claim that the conversion rate of this new currency to the US dollar could be 1 to 55, although without substantial evidence to back this claim.

Such a conversion rate, if true, could lead to skyrocketing prices in the West, possibly ushering in the worst inflation witnessed in centuries.

In this context, spending $20 in a BRICS nation could equate to an expenditure of $1,100 US dollars, which is nearly equivalent to an entire paycheck for many individuals.

Diverse Perspectives on the Development

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The discussions have evoked mixed reactions from individuals across different regions. While some express concerns over the potential economic repercussions, others view this development as a positive turn of events.

For instance, some individuals in South Africa are optimistic about the prospects, with captions like “Africa’s future is looking bright” and “it’s our turn to visit USA as tourists now” making rounds on social media platforms.

Despite the buzz, it is essential to note that no official sources associated with BRICS have confirmed the speculated $55/1 BRICS currency exchange rate.

Moreover, some individuals have cautioned against getting carried away with the speculations, emphasizing that the new currency, if introduced, would primarily be used for trading purposes rather than for individual transactions.


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Recent discussions have centered on the speculation surrounding the introduction of a BRICS currency in Africa, involving the major emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Amidst rumors, the South African Finance Chief clarified that a BRICS currency was never under consideration, debunking notions of an “anti-West” or “anti-Swift” payment platform, as reported by Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, a Reuters article highlighted the strengthening of the South African rand amidst speculations of President Putin potentially skipping the BRICS summit, stirring political discussions within the BRICS nations.

Experts, however, have expressed concerns over the feasibility of a unified BRICS currency, pointing to the diverse economies of the member countries and potential impacts on the US dollar. As this narrative evolves, discerning official statements from rumors remains vital.

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