Former Ross Employee Reveals Why Employees Often Don’t Talk to Customers

Imagine walking into a store and experiencing an unusually silent shopping environment. Ross Dress for Less, a popular retail chain, prioritizes task efficiency over casual conversations.

A TikTok revelation by a former employee explains that Ross workers are urged to focus on their tasks rather than engage with customers. It’s a departure from the norm in retail, and it’s got people talking. Curious about this unique customer service approach? Let’s dive in.

The Ross Approach

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She explains that Ross employees are closely timed on every task they perform. For instance, emptying the blue bins on the sales floor is expected to take one hour, and even organizing different store sections is timed.

Cashiers are not exempt from this time pressure, as they are timed on various aspects of their work, including the speed at which they “scan” and “bag” items.

further reveals that there can be consequences for not meeting these time expectations, with employees potentially facing “write-ups” for not being fast enough, even if it involves conversing with a customer.

Mixed Reactions

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The video garnered nearly 1 million views and struck a chord with commenters, many of whom claimed to be current or former Ross employees.

One viewer shared their experience, saying,

“I almost got a write up because I wouldn’t rush people at checkout.”

Another commenter recounted an incident, stating,

“One time I got in trouble because I used to fold the clothes before bagging, then an old lady berated me because I didn’t fold her clothes. You can’t win.”

However, some users mentioned that they hadn’t encountered such strict timing policies at Ross.

“I worked at Ross for 2 years, they never told us that, and I did talk to customers if they needed help,” one user remarked.

Another user shared their perspective, saying,

“Uhm, I’m a Ross employee, and I was never told that if I talk to a customer too long, I’m getting written up.”

One viewer humorously noted,

“I’ve literally never seen a checkout line slower than Ross, so whatever they’re doing isn’t working.”

Inconsistent Management Undermines Employee Morale

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Ross Dress for Less, a known retail store, seems grappling with internal challenges, particularly concerning its management quality. Employee reviews on Indeed highlight a common thread of dissatisfaction, pointing towards a lack of consistent and supportive leadership.

The workforce feels the brunt of ever-changing procedures, with management often failing to provide clear guidance or show genuine concern for their associates. This inconsistency affects employee morale and translates into a chaotic store environment, where both staff and customers bear the consequences.

Amidst this, there are accounts of positive experiences, primarily attributed to camaraderie among colleagues, indicating that interpersonal relationships might be a key factor in retaining staff despite management woes.

Controversial Customer Service Policy Sparks Backlash

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In a separate but equally significant incident, Ross Dress for Less faced public backlash due to its controversial customer service policies. A report from KVUE recounted a blind man’s experience in Austin, where store employees allegedly denied assistance, citing a company policy.

This incident quickly gained public attention and highlighted a potential disconnect between the company’s customer service approach and the practical needs and rights of customers with disabilities.

The policy in question contradicts the inclusivity standards expected in retail and raises questions about the company’s adherence to disability laws and its overall commitment to customer care.

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