Friends Divided: To Move or Not Over a Baby’s “Screaming” at the Brewery

Ever found yourself in a situation where the joy of one person becomes the annoyance of another? Two friends’ evening at a brewery takes a turn due to the presence of a cheerful baby.

Differing perspectives on happiness and disturbance lead to a clash of opinions, and sometimes compromise and understanding are needed to maintain friendships.

A Brewery Happy Hour

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Two friends, both 27 years old, decided to spend their Thursday evening enjoying happy hour at a local brewery. The atmosphere was lively, and the promise of a good time was in the air.

However, the presence of a baby at the next table, happily munching on mac and cheese and making joyful noises, became a point of contention between the two.

A Baby’s Joy, A Friend’s Annoyance

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While the baby seemed content, making repetitive “awawawa” sounds, one of the friends found the noise bothersome. The sound of a baby yelling or crying was not music to her ears, and she expressed her desire to move tables.

However, her friend had a different perspective, finding the baby’s noises cute and funny, and saw no reason to change seats.

“She said happy babies making noise like that is the best.”

To Move or Not to Move?

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The disagreement escalated as one friend insisted on moving, expressing her belief that a brewery was no place for a noisy baby. The other friend, however, couldn’t understand the fuss, reminding her companion that it was just a happy baby making noise.

Unable to reach a compromise, tensions rose, leading to one friend gathering her things and leaving, feeling that her concerns were not being considered.

Choice & Tolerance

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One commenter under the post stated, “I wouldn’t want to be near a screaming baby, either. You have choices and you made one.” Individuals have the right to choose their comfort levels in public spaces.

Defining ‘Screaming’

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Another person pointed out, “Describing happy baby sounds as ‘screaming’ is odd. It doesn’t matter whether the sounds were screaming or happy gurgling. It doesn’t make [her a jerk] for moving.”

The Nature of Children

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Another person said,

“It’s fine if you don’t want to sit there. It’s fine that she didn’t want to move. And it was a toddler, not a baby. Babies don’t eat mac and cheese. For the record, babies and toddlers – like all other people – make noise.”

Breweries & Families

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Some people questioned why a baby would be in a brewery, so someone clarified,

“A lot of breweries can be family-friendly. Most of the ones in my town are. Also, people in general make noise. Not just babies.”

Breweries vs. Bars

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One individual firmly stated,

“Breweries that have restaurants and serve food, are for families too. They are not meant to be bars. Don’t go to a restaurant if you don’t want children around. Go to a club or a bar.”

Understanding the Volume: Why Are Kids So Loud?

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Children, especially babies and toddlers, often express themselves vocally without any inhibitions. But what drives this loud behavior?

According to an article from Chicago Parent, there are several reasons:

1. Developmental Stage

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Young children are in a constant phase of discovery, including exploring their vocal capabilities. They experiment with pitches, volumes, and sounds as they navigate through different developmental milestones.

This vocal exploration is crucial to their sensory and cognitive development, helping them understand sound modulation and its effects on their surroundings.

2. Attention Seeking

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As children grow, they quickly realize that volume can be a tool to capture attention. Raising their voice becomes a strategy whether it’s due to feeling overlooked, wanting a specific toy, or just a desire to be acknowledged.

It’s a child’s way of saying, “Look at me, listen to me!”

3. Environment

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Children are highly adaptive and often mirror their surroundings. Children naturally elevate their voices to be heard in environments with a higher ambient noise level, such as busy markets or family gatherings.

It’s their way of adapting to ensure their presence is felt and their needs are met, showcasing their innate ability to respond to environmental cues.

4. Expressing Emotions

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Before mastering language, children primarily communicate through non-verbal cues, including vocal sounds. A loud exclamation can manifest joy, while a scream might indicate discomfort.

These vocal expressions are their primary means of conveying feelings, making it essential for caregivers to understand and interpret these sounds as genuine emotional expressions.

5. Physical Factors

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Biologically, children’s vocal cords are shorter and thinner than adults, producing higher-pitched sounds. These naturally high pitches and their developing lung capacity and energy levels can result in louder verbal expressions. It’s not always about being boisterous, sometimes, it’s just the natural resonance of a child’s voice.

Understanding these reasons can help adults approach loud children with more empathy and patience. It’s essential to remember that for children, being loud is often just a natural part of their growth and exploration of the world around them.

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