‘From $90, to $250, to now $426’ Woman Discovers City Overcharged Her by $337 on Her Water Bill

Recently, a Texas resident has brought to light a significant issue concerning water bill overcharges in the state.

The Escalating Water Bills

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Nicole Thramer, a resident of Texas, noticed a consistent and unexplained increase in her water bills over a few months. Initially, her bill was $90, which then escalated to $250 the following month.

Despite efforts to reduce water consumption, including cutting back on watering the grass, the bill soared to an alarming $426 the next month.

Nicole expressed her confusion and frustration, stating,

“We went from $90, to $250, to now $426. And we cut back on water every single time.”

Seeking Answers

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Determined to find an explanation for the outrageous bill, Nicole contacted the city’s water department. Initially met with reluctance, she persuaded the representative to review her account for possible errors in the billing calculation. Nicole recounted the conversation, saying,

“I said hey like my bill’s $426, like we have two people living at home like what is going on? And they said well it’s just through your rental company you need to contact them and yadda yadda yadda he didn’t really wanna help me.”


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Fortunately, Nicole’s persistence paid off when the water department acknowledged an error in calculating her bill. They admitted to charging her higher than her actual usage warranted, resulting in an overcharge of $337.

“Soon after, she said that the water department emailed her to let her know there had been an error in calculating her bill. “[They] basically said oh we accidentally charged you a higher rate for how much you’re usage was, like, here’s $337 back.”

Nicole emphasized the importance of questioning suspicious bill amounts, advising, “If you got charged an astronomical amount for water this last month and you think it’s a little fishy, go ahead and give them a call.”

Community Response and Advice

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Nicole’s story resonated with many, garnering over 717,000 views. Several individuals urged her to reassess her previous $250 bill.

One user, claiming to work at a water company in Texas, informed Nicole that she could request evaluations for her past four monthly charges.

Others offered practical advice, suggesting monitoring the water meter regularly to track water usage accurately.

A Widespread Issue

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A Reddit post revealed that the Brighton City Council dismissed their city manager who had uncovered a massive $70 million water overcharge scandal. This action has sparked a wave of community discussions and anger, with many viewing it as a punitive measure against a whistleblower acting for the public good.

The incident has brought to light possible deep-rooted corruption within the city’s administration, raising questions about the true reasons behind the firing. As the city faces this crisis, locals await further updates, hoping for a transparent and just resolution.

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PSA: if you’re living in Texas and paying an absurd amount of money for water usage‼️ Glad I called this time and didnt just pay it like last time…
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