How 2030’s Smart Home Predictions are Already Unfolding

Imagine stepping into a time machine in 2015 and fast-forwarding to 2030. What would you expect to see in the world of smart homes? 

The Near Future Laboratory, Mobile Life Center, and Boris Design Studio did just that, creating a mock-up IKEA catalog that envisioned our homes in 2030. 

Now, just eight years later, we live in a world where many of these predictions are already a reality.

Balancing Technology & Well-being

The catalog addressed the delicate balance between consumer technology and personal well-being, a topic that tech firms focus on more than ever today. 

It suggested a sofa that could change the pattern and color of its fabric using a Philips Hue-style lighting system. This idea, once a distant dream, now seems entirely plausible.

Breathing Easy with Smart Carpets

It also predicted a future where a “semi-organic moss-like carpet” could be placed on top of existing flooring to improve air quality. This idea aligns with the current consumer technology industry, which already offers air quality monitors and filters for the smart home.

Windows of Information

Another prediction was using digital displays on windows to show information like the current time and outside temperature. This concept is reminiscent of the smart bathroom mirrors already available in the market.

Drone Deliveries & 3D Printing

They also envisioned a future where drones deliver news, books, and other materials regularly to keep your bookshelf up-to-date. 

The contents of each delivery are personalized based on your daily activities. This concept aligns closely with what Amazon is doing with their drone delivery service called Amazon Prime Air.

The catalog also suggests that the bookshelf can be 3D printed and assembled at home, a nod to the growing popularity of 3D printing technology.

Sleep Tech & Smart Mattresses

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Another domain where the document’s foresight is materializing is sleep technology. It envisioned a smart mattress capable of modifying its temperature, thickness, and density in response to the room’s temperature and the user’s unique body biometrics.

In today’s world, such smart mattresses have become a reality, with companies like Eight, Sleep Number, and Winkbeds leading the charge.

Modular Homes & Smart Kitchens

They also recognize that homes are getting smaller and offer a solution in the form of a detachable module that can be added to your home. This module can expand the size of the kitchen when you want to host a party or even add an entire temporary kitchen where there wasn’t one before.

It also painted a picture of a kitchen managed by an “Active Clever Agent.” This intelligent assistant offers accurate, user-friendly, and sensible guidance for measurements, volumes, and directions, along with engaging anecdotes. 

This helps the user to prepare a diverse array of recipes from all corners of the globe. Which sounds like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as their ability to read out cooking instructions on demand.

Autonomous Drones & Irrigation Systems

There are also hints at the use of an autonomous drone capable of overseeing and watering your plants and lawn. 

Fast forward to today, and we see drones being employed to keep tabs on large-scale crop fields, while homeowners make use of automated irrigation systems for their lawns and gardens.

The Future Is Closer Than We Think

Forecasting the trajectory of technology is notoriously challenging. Despite this document being crafted a mere eight years ago, the rapid advancement of smart home technology has made its 2030 predictions seem more applicable to the current year, 2023.

As for the actual appearance and functionality of a 2030 smart home, it’s likely to be so revolutionary that it would astound us if we could see it today.

You can view the catalog here.

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