FYI: Your Library Card Grants You Free Access to Streaming Services

Before the era of streaming platforms, we had Blu-Ray, DVDs, and VHS tapes. In those times, a free Blockbuster card and a few bucks were all you needed to enjoy your favorite movies repeatedly.

However, the advent of streaming services has complicated access to your cherished content. Shows and movies keep shifting platforms, compelling you to subscribe to multiple services, which is both confusing and frustrating.

But there’s a silver lining – your library card can be your savior in these times, offering you a treasure trove of content without costing a dime.

The Hidden Gem: Kanopy

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Tiktok user user Lorraine Fisher shared.

“If you live in an area near a library and it’s easy for you to get a library card, you have access to a free streaming service that I swear no one knows about with hundreds, maybe thousands, of movies and TV shows you can watch for free… just because you have a library card,”

Kanopy is the name of this hidden gem, compatible with most smart devices. To access its vast library, all you need is your library card number, which you might find in your library’s app, saving you a trip to your wallet.

This service complements the DVDs and other media many libraries offer for borrowing, enhancing your entertainment options.

A Rich Repository for Every Family Member

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Kanopy is more than just another platform offering obscure films. It boasts a rich selection catering to every family member. For the little ones, titles like “The Adventures of Paddington Bear” and “Gecko’s Garage” will surely be a hit. For adults, the platform offers acclaimed movies such as “Lady Bird” and “Into The Wild”.

Whether you are in the mood for a light-hearted comedy or a deep drama, Kanopy has something to pique your interest. Moreover, it offers language learning resources, perfect for those nights you wish to learn a new word in a foreign language before hitting the bed.

Is Kanopy Really Free?

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Kanopy is technically free for users with a membership with a participating library or educational institution. Users can access a vast library of over 6,000 movies without any advertisements. However, the “free” aspect comes with several caveats.

Firstly, access is restricted to members of libraries or educational institutions that have subscribed to Kanopy, leaving out those who are not members of these institutions. Secondly, most users are limited to 10 streams per month, a limit imposed to control the costs incurred by libraries and universities, charged per stream by Kanopy.

This cost structure has led to sustainability issues, with some institutions having to limit usage or withdraw from the service due to increased costs. Therefore, while it is free for individual users with the necessary memberships, it does come with limitations and imposes significant costs on participating institutions.

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