‘Get Burned’: Tenant’s Revenge Against Landlord Who Reported His Parking

In a viral video that has amassed many views, online uploaded Jer has captivated the internet with his story of sweet revenge against his landlord.

It all started when Jer’s landlord reported his car to the city for parking in front of their property. But Jer didn’t take this lying down.

He found a clever way to turn the tables on his landlord, and it’s a tale that’s making waves across social media.

A Fiery Act of Revenge

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Jer begins his story frustrated, saying,

“So my landlords called the city on me. I got a ticket for parking in front of their house.”

It’s a situation that many renters can relate to—a tense relationship with a landlord.

But Jer didn’t stop at merely venting his frustration. He decided to play with fire, and as he eloquently puts it, “get burned.” His revenge plan? He reveals,

“They’re going to love it when I call Revenue Canada and let them know that they have an illegal basement suite that I pay cash for so they don’t have to claim rental property on their taxes every year.”

Unveiling a Widespread Issue

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Jer’s story sheds light on a broader problem: illegal basement suites. As some commenters on the video noted, damage deposits must be placed in a trust account in Alberta, and landlords must pay tenants interest on their security deposits.

CBC further highlights the prevalence of this issue, stating that illegal basement suites are surprisingly common. Karina Zapata, the report’s author, notes,

“While it can’t keep track of all of them, [the City of Calgary] says there are many more illegal secondary suites than legal ones. In a statement, the city received around 2,500 complaints regarding secondary suites between 2020 and 2022.”

Encouraging Further Action

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While Jer’s act of revenge is satisfying, some commenters on social media went a step further, encouraging him to take additional actions against his landlord.

One user suggested, “Call the city… ask for an inspection just in case it’s not up to code…also cc the fire chief…to review all the fire safety.” This advice underscores the importance of ensuring rental properties meet safety standards.

Another commenter said, “Don’t forget to report it to the city. They can get fined as well.” This highlights the potential consequences for landlords who operate illegal suites.

One particularly vindictive suggestion came from a user who advised,

“If you wanna be really petty, try to find out where they are insured. If this wasn’t disclosed, it can void their policy.”

This is a reminder that dishonesty in rental property matters can have serious legal repercussions.

Parking In Calgary

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In Calgary, parking regulations stipulate that vehicles must be operable and moved within 72 hours to avoid being considered abandoned and removed. The Calgary Parking Authority enforces these rules based on the Calgary Traffic Bylaw and the Calgary Parking Bylaw, encompassing various aspects, including parking within alleys or disabled zones.

Additionally, regarding recreational vehicles (RVs), the Traffic Bylaw permits RVs to be parked on a street immediately adjacent to the owner’s residence for a maximum of 36 hours, while the Community Standards Bylaw allows for RV parking on driveways for the same duration.

Violations of these regulations on public property can result in fines ranging from $40 to $200.

Moreover, regarding parks and pathways, Calgary has specific regulations outlined in the Parks & Pathways Bylaw. These encompass a range of rules, such as speed limits on pathways, leash requirements for dogs, and preventing damage to City trees.

Fines for violations of these park and pathway regulations can vary, with penalties ranging from $50 to $500.

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