“I think Barbie is going to change the world,”- A Father’s Heartfelt Review of the Barbie Movie

When a father decided to share his thoughts on the “Barbie” movie with his family, no one expected the profound impact it would have.

His review was a simple commentary on a children’s film and a deep dive into the story’s societal implications and transformative power.

The Unexpected Reviewer

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The “Barbie” movie has evoked a myriad of reactions from audiences worldwide.

The film has not left anyone indifferent, from sheer joy to solid criticisms.

Interestingly, many men have watched the movie, either with their families or alone.

While the film was primarily marketed toward women, seeing how many men genuinely appreciated it is heartening. One father’s review, in particular, stands out.

Conor O’Brien shared his father’s review of the movie, which he sent in a group text to his family.

His father’s words were so powerful that Conor felt compelled to share them with the world. “I think Barbie is going to change the world,” wrote Conor’s father.

He further added, “We will think of life as BB/AB, Before Barbie/After Barbie. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

More Than Just a Doll

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The father didn’t stop at just praising the movie. He compared Barbie to iconic superheroes, stating she is “more powerful than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc.”

He emphasized that, unlike other superheroes, Barbie is a well-rounded character. She possesses qualities like “EQ, thoughts, senses, feelings, intellect, courage, confidence, and love.”

He even ranked the “Barbie” movie in his top five films, highlighting its ability to challenge societal norms and address the “pink patriarchy.”

He applauded the film for taking on classics like “The Godfather” and changing the narrative around movies that men often need to explain to women.

A Cultural Phenomenon

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The father’s review focused on more than just the film’s content.

He drew parallels between the movie’s significance and pivotal historical moments, such as JFK being the first Catholic president and Obama being the first Black president.

While this comparison might seem exaggerated to some, it underscores his belief in the movie’s potential to bring about societal change.

He concluded his review with a poetic touch, saying, “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Barbie back in her box again.” This line encapsulates the essence of the movie – challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers.

His Review Gave me Chills

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The father’s review resonated with many, with one commenter stating, “Honestly, his review gave me chills.”

Another added, “He not only liked Barbie, he understood it.” It’s a testament to the movie’s power to touch hearts and change minds, transcending age and gender.

In a world where movies often come and go without lasting impact, the “Barbie” movie, through reviews like this father’s, proves that storytelling can change the world.

Barbie’s Evolution: From Doll to Social Icon

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The recent Barbie movie has sparked discussions about the iconic doll’s role in modern society. The film, as portrayed by various sources, delves into the complexities of womanhood, challenging traditional stereotypes and celebrating hyper-femininity.

It underscores Barbie’s journey from being a mere toy to a symbol of feminism, confronting societal expectations and patriarchal norms.

The movie also touches upon the nuances of womanhood, emphasizing that femininity can coexist with strength, depth, and individuality. This cinematic representation of Barbie not only reflects the changing perceptions of femininity but also highlights the broader societal shifts toward inclusivity and acceptance.

The film’s reception and the surrounding discourse underscore Barbie’s enduring relevance and her transformation into a multifaceted cultural icon.

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