‘Goodwill Is Greedy’: Customer Calls Out Exorbitant $50 Price Tag on Scrapbook Paper — ‘This is why I don’t donate or shop there’

Thrift stores like Goodwill have long been recognized for offering a variety of items at affordable prices, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

However, a recent TikTok video has sparked a dialogue about the pricing strategies employed by these stores, particularly Goodwill. It raises questions about the fairness and ethics of pricing items donated for free.

A Surprising Find: The $50 Scrapbook Paper at Goodwill

Becca took her TikTok followers on a shopping adventure at her local Goodwill. She began her video by remarking, “Goodwill is really pushing it these days,” while focusing her camera on a peach tank top.

Becca’s frustration became apparent when she zoomed in on the tank top’s original price tag, which read $2.98. She then displayed the Goodwill price tag, which was $4.99, nearly $2 higher than the item’s original cost. She pointed out that Goodwill had received the top as a donation, essentially obtaining it for free.

Her irritation continued as she showcased another item: a bin filled with scrapbook paper. The pink, see-through container was sealed with clear tape, showing the paper spilling inside.

Becca asked her followers to guess the price, revealing with disbelief,

“It’s $50. They’re charging $50 for this, and they got it for free through a donation.”

Community Outcry

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Becca’s video has elicited a myriad of responses from the TikTok community, with many users sharing their own experiences and expressing their disapproval of Goodwill’s pricing strategies.

Some users shared instances where items were priced higher at Goodwill than their original retail price, while others expressed their reluctance to donate or shop at Goodwill due to their pricing practices.

One user said, “My mom refuses to donate to goodwill because of that”

Another one said, “this is why I don’t donate, or shop there”

The collective outcry underscores a broader issue regarding the ethics and responsibilities of thrift stores in pricing donated items.

The Escalation of Goodwill Pricing

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While thrift stores like Goodwill do have operational costs to consider, the ethical implications of pricing donated items, particularly at prices perceived to be exorbitant, come into question.

The debate brings to light the balance that needs to be struck between covering operational costs, providing affordable options for shoppers, and maintaining ethical and fair pricing practices.

Thrifters have noticed a significant change in recent years when it comes to Goodwill prices. Instead of finding incredible bargains like $2 tops and $0.50 books, they are encountering higher prices, sometimes even surpassing the prices of new items at Walmart or Target.

As thrifting and sustainable shopping have gained popularity, particularly among Gen Z, with thrift hauls flooding TikTok, it begs the question: Why is Goodwill becoming more expensive, and are these rising prices justified?

The Impact on Shoppers and Alternatives

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Shoppers have been taken aback by overpriced items at the thrift store, making them question whether they should stick to their local mainstream retailers. For instance, dishware and soap, once considered steals at Goodwill, are now sometimes more expensive than new items at Walmart.

Moreover, clothing, a staple of thrift store shopping, has also seen a price increase, with used items like men’s boxer shorts being priced at $4.99 each, whereas a three-pack of new Hanes boxer shorts from Walmart costs only $10.98.

The price hikes can be attributed to several factors, including the cost of operations, the quality and brand of donated items, and the growing demand for thrifted items, especially among environmentally conscious consumers.

Despite the rising prices, thrifters can explore other secondhand shopping alternatives like local thrift stores, consignment shops, and online platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and ThredUP.

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