Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Meal Venture: A Culinary Shift Met with Disappointment

Gordon Ramsay, the acclaimed chef known for his Michelin-starred restaurants and strong opinions on fresh ingredients and cooking methods, has recently launched a line of frozen meals, “By Chef Ramsay,” available at Walmart.

This move has stirred controversy and disappointment among many fans and customers. Despite Ramsay’s previous criticism of using microwaves and frozen foods, some of his new frozen meals are intended to be cooked in the microwave. Isn’t it ironic? Read on.

A Detailed Review

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A user named Luke purchased all the available frozen meals and began reviewing them. He started with the Shepherd’s Pie and the Fish and Chips, expressing dissatisfaction.

He described the texture and consistency as thick and mushy and the taste as underwhelming, especially given the $6 price point.

Other meals from the range, including the Four Cheese Macaroni, also failed to impress Luke, who found them no better than cheaper alternatives available at Walmart.

Public Response

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The public response echoed Luke’s disappointment. Many expressed surprise and dismay at Ramsay’s venture into frozen meals, considering his past emphasis on fresh ingredients and quality cooking.

Comments such as “The king of nothing frozen has created frozen meals” and “I can’t believe he has frozen food now” highlighted this new product line’s unexpected and unwelcome nature.

Another commenter complained about the price of the meals,

“$6 for a frozen meal is BOLD Gordon.”

Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Meals: A Culinary Adventure?

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Gordon Ramsay, a renowned chef known for his culinary excellence, launched a line of frozen dinners in August 2023, exclusively available at Walmart.

Despite his previous disdain for frozen food, these meals, priced around $5.94 each, represent a particular part of his culinary journey. The question on everyone’s mind is, are these frozen dinners up to the mark? To answer this question, the Mashed team conducted a taste test of all eight varieties.

The Four Cheese Macaroni was a disappointment, with an unbearable taste and uneven cheese distribution.

Although it had fairly tasty fish, the Fish and Chips meal was let down by its bland, thick-cut potatoes. Despite its rich flavors, the Mushroom Risotto suffered from a mushy texture and unappealing appearance.

The Verdict: Hits & Misses

whole chicken dp7091034
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The Slow Roasted Beef and Lemon Caper Chicken meals were moderately satisfying but did not meet the expected standards.

The Lasagna with Bolognese Meat Sauce successfully delivered tender pasta sheets and a rich amalgamation of cheese, herbs, sauce, and pasta. With its decadent and cheesy mashed potatoes, the Shepherd’s Pie earned second place among Ramsay’s frozen dinners.

The Chicken Pot Pie was the best option, with its crunchy puff pastry crust and flavorful chicken and vegetable mixture in a creamy gravy. Despite the mixed reviews, the Chicken Pot Pie is recommended for those considering a Chef Ramsay frozen meal purchase.

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