Grandmother’s Ingenious DIY Hack to Keep Ants at Bay Naturally– “It also doubles as a great all-purpose cleaner”

TikToker Babs, endearingly referred to as “everyone’s grandmother,” has divulged an uncomplicated, environmentally friendly trick for preventing ants from invading one’s residence.

Her method is crafting a natural deterrent with merely orange peels and white vinegar. This mixture doubles as an all-purpose cleaning agent and stands out for its safety around children and pets, presenting a more eco-conscious alternative to standard pesticides.

Eco-Friendly and Effective: A Natural Solution for Ant Control

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In the viral video, amassing 8.4 million views, TikToker Babs, affectionately termed “everyone’s grandmother,” demonstrates the creation of an optimal homemade concoction using purely natural components to bar ants’ entry.

“It also doubles as a great all-purpose cleaner,” she mentions.

Donned in attire completely adorned with orange prints, the TikToker underscores the necessity of retaining orange peels for this mix. She deposits the peels in a glass container, filling it with white vinegar, followed by a two-week waiting period.

Once the duration passes, Babs filters the liquid into a mason jar, combining it with an equal amount of water. She transfers the final mixture into a spray bottle, guiding viewers on its application around doorways and gaps, potential entry points for ants.

Natural Orange Peel Bug Repellent

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When combined with vinegar, orange peels create a potent natural bug repellent. Peel oranges and place the peels in a quart jar to make this eco-friendly solution.

Cover the peels entirely with white vinegar and seal the jar. Allow the mixture to infuse for two weeks. After this period, the vinegar can be poured into a spray bottle and used as a cleaning agent or bug spray, especially effective against ants.

The environmental impact of this hack extends beyond just keeping ants away. Most commercial pesticides often don’t reach their intended target, and they can be harmful to other creatures, including pets and children. By opting for natural solutions, we can reduce the reliance on chemicals and protect the ecosystem. Moreover, by reusing plastic containers for these homemade solutions, we’re also reducing plastic waste, a significant issue today.

Versatile Uses of Orange Peel Vinegar

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Besides its cleaning properties, orange peel vinegar has multiple applications around the house. It can be used as an ant killer, hair rinse, and even in salad dressings. For ant control, the mixture can be sprayed around entry points like doors and windows to deter ants, capitalizing on their aversion to the orange scent.

For hair care, a mixture of one tablespoon of orange vinegar with a cup of water can be used as a rinse after shampooing, conditioning, and softening the hair.

Lastly, for a quick salad dressing, combine equal parts of orange vinegar with an oil of your choice, adding a dash of salt and pepper and whisking them together.

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@brunchwithbabs DIY All Natural Ant Deterrent Spring is one of those times of year where we find our little ant friends making their way into our homes. Here is a natural way to deter ants from coming inside and bonus you can use the spray all over your house as it is a natural all -purpose cleaner. Fill a mason jar with orange peels Cover the orange peels with white vinegar. Make sure the peels are completely covered and put a top on the jar. Place a piece of parchment paper between the lid and the jar. Vinegar erodes metal and will eat away at your metal lid. After 2 weeks, strain the orange peels out of the vinegar and put back in a jar or bottle. All-purpose cleaner: Mix ½ parts vinegar with ½ parts water in a spray bottle. Use all over your house – on counters, bathrooms and floors. Ant deterrent: Mix ½ parts vinegar with ½ parts water in a spray bottle (you can use the same bottle for cleaning and deterring). Spray around the doors, windows or cracks where ants are coming in. Ants hate the smell of orange and vinegar so the mixture will deter them from entering your home. This does NOT kill the ants. Happy Spring! XO Babs♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

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