Grieving Mother’s Questionable Emotional Reaction: Yells & Asks Nephews to Leave for Playing with Her Son’s Guitar

In the wake of a tragic loss, a family finds themselves in a difficult situation because of grief, where pain meets innocence, and boundaries become blurred.

Sometimes, when we’re hurting, we might hurt others in return. Grief is a burden enough as it is, made much more complicated by unintentional actions.

Unintended Invasion

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A woman, still grappling with the recent loss of her son, has kept his room untouched as a way to preserve his memory.

Every weekday, she babysits her two nephews, aged 11 and 13. One day, while airing out her home, she inadvertently left her son’s room open. To her horror, she later discovered the two boys playing with her late son’s guitar.


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Overwhelmed by emotion and the sight of the boys handling her son’s cherished possessions, she lost her composure. She yelled at them, which she had never done before,

“What are you doing? Drop that right now! What are you even doing in his room? Get out! Never come in this room again!”

The boys, shocked and hurt, began to cry. Their mother arrived to find the scene in chaos and tried to mediate, but the distraught aunt asked them all to leave.

Reflection and Reconciliation

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Later, the boys’ mother reached out. She acknowledged her children’s mistakes but also mentioned that the boys got scared by the sudden outburst. She proposed a sit-down conversation where everyone could express their feelings and apologize.

The aunt felt torn. While she recognized her overreaction, she also felt the boys had overstepped a boundary. She “wasn’t sorry because they could’ve broken my son’s guitar.” But the boys’ mother insisted that she should be the bigger person because raising her voice to children is wrong.

Understanding and Empathy

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One comment under the post empathized with the aunt, noting that both parties were grieving and that the loss was still fresh for her.

They mentioned that the aunt’s reaction, although extreme, came from a place of heartbreak and not malicious intent. They encouraged understanding and grace in such situations.

The Importance of Apologizing

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Another one emphasized the importance of apologizing to the kids, highlighting that it shows them that adults can also be wrong and make mistakes. They noted that this could prevent the kids from harboring a lingering fear towards their aunt, fostering understanding and growth.

A Call for Mediation

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Another commenter appreciated the sister-in-law’s efforts to mediate the situation and support the aunt. They felt that refusing to sit down and explain the reason behind her outburst to the boys would be a mistake, urging the aunt to communicate her feelings and set clear boundaries regarding her son’s room.

Was the Grieving Woman Right?

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In the face of such a heart-wrenching situation, it is challenging to delineate right from wrong. The grieving woman was in a vulnerable state, grappling with the immense loss of her child. Her reaction, albeit harsh, stemmed from a place of deep pain and a desire to preserve her son’s memory.

It is essential to understand that grief can sometimes evoke unpredictable reactions, and in this scenario, the woman’s outburst was a manifestation of her anguish. However, it is equally important to acknowledge that the children were not fully aware of the gravity of their actions. They are still learning how to navigate complex emotions and understand the boundaries of others.

While their curiosity led them to overstep a boundary, it was not done with malicious intent. Therefore, while the woman’s reaction can be understood given her state of grief, it was not the right approach to handling the situation.

A more composed reaction, explaining her feelings and setting clear boundaries, would have been more appropriate.

Coping with the Sudden Death of a Child

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Grieving the loss of a child is an incredibly complex and personal journey. It is a long and difficult process that can involve a range of emotions. The grieving process can involve a range of reactions including numbness, confusion, rage, resentment, guilt, shame, and anxiety, among others.

Understanding the Stages of Grief

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The grieving process often involves navigating through various stages, each bringing its own set of emotions and reactions. Initially, there might be denial, characterized by numbness and avoidance, as individuals grapple with the shock of their loss.

This can transition into anger, where the grief manifests as frustration and resentment, possibly directed towards oneself or others perceived to be responsible for the loss.

As individuals try to find a reason for their loss, they might enter the bargaining stage, filled with guilt and “what if” questions. This can be followed by deep sadness and hopelessness in the depression stage.

Eventually, many reach a stage of acceptance, learning to live with the loss while finding ways to honor the memory of the deceased, albeit with a continued sense of loss. It is a journey of learning to move forward with self-compassion and courage while holding onto the cherished memories of the lost one.

Coping Mechanisms

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Coping with such a loss involves both healthy and unhealthy mechanisms. Unhealthy coping mechanisms can include heavy drinking, compulsive spending, and risky behaviors.

On the other hand, healthy coping strategies involve self-kindness, utilizing a support system, journaling to process feelings, and finding ways to honor the deceased, such as creating traditions to celebrate their life.

Seeking Therapy

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If individuals find themselves unable to cope using healthy mechanisms, it might be beneficial to seek grief therapy, which can include individual therapy, family therapy, or group therapy with a licensed therapist specializing in grief counseling.

The Role of Time

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While the saying goes that “time heals all wounds,” when it comes to grieving the loss of a child, the pain might never fully go away. However, with time, the grief can soothe, and individuals find a new routine, with the memory of the child holding a special place in their hearts.

Grief is a powerful emotion that can cloud judgment and amplify reactions. This is why we need to communicate boundaries clearly, especially with young ones who might not fully grasp the weight of the situation.

Understanding, forgiveness, and open dialogue are important in the face of pain and misunderstanding.

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