Gym Charges Member $45 for Uninvited Guest: “I didn’t even notice there was a person behind me”

Accountability is key in the world of fitness and gyms, but what happens when you’re held responsible for something you didn’t even notice?

In a recent viral video, an Anytime Fitness member, Alaness, shared his shocking experience of being charged $45 after an unauthorized person allegedly sneaked into the gym behind him. Let’s delve into this.

A Costly Surprise

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The video shared by Alaness quickly gained traction on a social media platform, amassing over a lot of views in a short time. In the video, he displays a WhatsApp message he received from the Bugis branch of Anytime Fitness.

The message claimed an individual had entered the gym without tapping their fob, following closely behind Alaness. Consequently, the gym attempted to charge him S$60 (approximately $45 USD) for the unauthorized entry.

Alaness, clearly perplexed, stated in a text overlay, “I didn’t even notice there was a person behind me,” emphasizing his lack of awareness regarding the incident.

Heated Exchange

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The ensuing text conversation between Alaness and the gym escalated as the fitness center provided screenshots from security cameras to support their claim. They argued that it was Alaness’s responsibility to ensure that the unauthorized person tapped their fob, even though he had not completely opened the door.

“It’s your sole…responsibility to ensure she taps,” the gym insisted. “Yes, you didn’t open fully, but you didn’t ask her to tap in.”

Frustrated by the ordeal, Alaness ultimately declared that he would not renew his gym membership.

Debating the Rules

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In a subsequent video, Alaness questioned whether he had truly violated the gym’s rules, pointing out that one rule specifically stated that another person could not use a customer’s key fob, resulting in a $60 charge. He argued that this rule did not apply to his situation since he had not permitted the unauthorized person to use his key fob.

Moreover, he pointed out a Google review from another gym member who claimed to have experienced a similar situation when two individuals entered the gym using the same fob, raising concerns about the gym’s security protocols.

Public Outcry

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The viral video ignited a fierce debate in the comments section, with many users expressing dissatisfaction with Anytime Fitness’s stance.

Some questioned whether customers should be responsible for ensuring others tap their fobs, suggesting that the gym should invest in better security measures, such as turnstiles.

A Change of Heart

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Amidst the public backlash, Anytime Fitness eventually backtracked on its decision. In an Instagram Story, the management of the Bugis outlet apologized to Alaness, acknowledging a “lapse in protocol” and vowing to make “proper reparations.”

They clarified that the incident had been misunderstood and actions taken against the member were mistaken. They further affirmed that members in good standing should not be penalized for security lapses.

As this incident highlights, the delicate balance between ensuring gym security and treating customers fairly can sometimes lead to controversies. In an age where the fitness industry is highly competitive, gyms must find ways to enforce rules while also prioritizing customer satisfaction and fairness.

The case of Alaness and Anytime Fitness serves as a reminder of the importance of transparent policies and responsible customer service in the fitness industry.

Gym Protocols & Regulations

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Here are the key points from the provided information:

Group Exercise Class Cancellations

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  • Limited instructors for group classes.
  • Cancellations due to instructor unavailability.
  • Notices posted for cancellations.
  • Members can check availability by calling.


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  • Guest passes for non-members.
  • Two free one-day passes.
  • Additional passes are available for $5.

Health & Safety

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  • Avoid gym with contagious illnesses.
  • Disinfectants and towels were provided.


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  • Contact staff for injuries/illnesses.
  • First aid kit available.
  • Proper notification is important.

Lost & Found

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  • Lost items are kept at the front desk.
  • Re-rack weights.
  • No dropping weights.
  • Use a spotter.
  • Chalk in a spill-proof container.

Membership Revocations

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  • Follow college and gym rules.
  • Courtesy expected.
  • Violation may lead to eviction, revocation, and disciplinary action.

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