‘He really going to charge u for the cheese’: Viewers Defend Customers’ 6 Patty $30 Burger, Demanding Cheese & Bacon

Eating fast food is often more than just satisfying your craving—it’s about ensuring you receive your money’s worth. What if you can’t have everything you ever requested from your order? And it just bills you with another fee?

What would you do? Find out about this woman who experienced the same situation.

The Video that Captured Viewers Attention

I asked for a six patties but I only got a five. Woman Complains About Buying Burger Costing 30
Image Credit: TikTok @morgan.nicholee1,

In a viral video documenting an adventurous burger quest, a customer embarked on a journey through the drive-thru, determined to secure not only extra cheese and bacon but also the elusive missing patty.

The video has garnered 2.1 million views uploaded by Morgan Nichole as she documents her friend’s daring drive-thru mission. The video’s text overlay asks, “Do y’all think she did too much?” What follows is a fast-food adventure that grips viewers.

The clip unveils a woman holding an enormous hamburger, a burger she believed should have boasted six succulent patties, abundant cheese, and a generous helping of bacon. However, reality struck hard when she discovered her burger had fallen short, offering only five patties, a single slice of cheese, and a modest amount of bacon.

The Issue of the Unsatisfying Burger

cheeseburger dp8628229
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With determination in her eyes, she addressed the drive-thru worker, acknowledging the peculiar situation. “Hi, you’re gonna be mad, it’s us,” she told the worker:

“I asked for a six patties but I only got a five.”

Her grievances didn’t end there. She lamented that she received just one piece of cheese and no additional bacon, pointing out the discrepancy to the worker. In a seemingly unphased tone, the drive-thru worker responded:

“Yeah, we put four bacon. It comes with two, so we put in extra bacon.”

However, our burger aficionado wasn’t convinced. She locked eyes with her burger, adamant that the missing patty and cheese be addressed:

“You only gave me five patties and one piece of cheese,” she reiterated. “Can I give it back to you and you give me a patty with cheese?”

It’s essential to note that this burger commanded a hefty price tag—$30, to be exact. Given the considerable investment, her request appeared entirely reasonable. The worker eventually conceded to her plea but remained resolute in charging her for the extra cheese.

How Social Media People View It

negative social media dp362358356
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The video’s comments section echoed a collective sentiment—most viewers sided with the burger connoisseur, asserting that she was merely seeking what she had paid for and hadn’t crossed any lines.

“No lol she paid 30$,” one user responded to the question posed in the video’s text overlay, indicating that the request was entirely justified given the cost.

Another user said,

“She didn’t do too much at all; she wasn’t rude; she was sweet about it.”

In the end, the determined TikToker secured the extra patty she craved and seized the opportunity to request some ranch sauce—a fitting condiment for her victorious burger.

A world where fast food adventures can sometimes be underwhelming, this story serves as a reminder that when it comes to a $30 burger, every patty and slice of cheese matters.

Check Your Orders Carefully Before Leaving

food critic ss2230042827
Image Credit: Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock.

Before leaving the drive-thru or accepting a food delivery, take a moment to inspect your order. Ensure that all components are present, from burger patties to condiments. If something is missing or incorrect, raise the issue immediately.

Approach the restaurant or delivery service with courtesy and patience. Mistakes happen, and most establishments are willing to rectify them promptly. Politely inform them about the discrepancy, and inquire about their policy for resolving such situations.

While advocating for your order’s accuracy, remain reasonable and fair in your expectations. Mistakes can happen due to various factors, and it’s important to give the establishment an opportunity to make things right.

Reactions: Is It Okay To Pay More For Your Orders Than You Will Receive

internet forum ss385232623
Photo Credit: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.

The employee at a local fast food restaurant shares an ongoing irritation regarding customers who order a burger with “everything” on it.

Despite explaining the wide range of choices available and the literal interpretation of “everything,” customers often respond with rudeness or condescension.

In this particular case, a rude customer insisted on “everything” and received a burger loaded with multiple toppings, causing the price to jump from $8.45 to $14. The customer complained but did not receive a refund, leaving the employee satisfied with their decision to fulfill the order as requested.

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