Here’s Why Gen Z Takes Better Photos

Born into a digital world of filters and hashtags, Generation Z has elevated photography to an art form that transcends snapshots, captivating viewers with their ability to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary narratives.

A user shared insights into the contrasting perspectives between millennials and Gen Z when posing in photos. Showing how mentality surrounding photography has transformed over time, prompting millennials to consider adopting Gen Z’s carefree and experimental approach.

The Shifting Technological Landscape

Here's Why Gen Z Takes Better Photos than Millennials
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One key aspect highlighted is the rapid technological advancements that millennials experienced throughout their youth and adolescence. She stressed it by saying,

“The one thing all millennials have in common, whether you were born in 1981 or 1996, is that technology changed really rapidly throughout the course of our youth and adolescence. And this is especially true for photography. It’s crazy that within a matter of 30 years, we went from wine film cameras to the point that we all have cameras in our phone.”

Millennials share a common bond in witnessing the remarkable technological advancements shaping photography. However, the transition from film cameras to the prevalence of smartphone photography represents a paradigm shift in how millennials engage with and perceive photographs.

The Scarcity Mindset & Precious Moments

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For millennials, the scarcity mindset surrounding photography lingers as a luxury from the past. Christine recounted her experience by saying,

“Back then, the film was expensive. It costs money to buy the film; it costs money to buy the camera, and it costs money to develop it. And because of this, for a lot of us, taking photos was something that we did during a special occasion or when there was something special that we really wanted to remember.”

Their experience with costly film cameras and limited attempts to capture the perfect shot has instilled a scarcity mindset within them.

Recognizing this subconscious mindset and adapting to the possibilities offered by modern technology can empower millennials to overcome their reservations, experiment more freely, and fully embrace the potential of smartphone photography.

Gen Z’s Liberating Perspective

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Contrasting with millennials, Gen Z has been raised in a world where smartphones and instant sharing of photos are the norms. The content creator further elaborates, saying,

“Whereas Gen. Z, they’ve been raised with the phone in their hand, and they’re able to express whoever they are at any given moment with.”

Christine suggests that Gen Z sees photography as a form of communication, similar to language or text, while millennials may still carry the scarcity mindset from the film camera era. However, Gen Z’s freedom to express themselves without pressure offers valuable lessons for millennials.

By embracing photography as a means of self-expression, millennials can bridge the generational divide and find liberation in capturing and sharing their experiences.

Embracing Gen Z’s Attitude

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The influencer suggests millennials can learn from Gen Z’s carefree approach to photo posing.

“The issue is that we don’t give ourselves permission to experiment in the same way that Gen. Z does, and we still view photos as these really precious things that make or break our appearance. So I think we just need to adopt more of Gen. Z’s attitude.”

Millennials must overcome their fear of experimentation and embrace the freedom to express themselves in photos. The worst that can happen is simply deleting an undesirable image or choosing not to share it on social media.

Adopting this mindset, millennials can overcome their hesitations, become more comfortable posing, and explore their creative potential in photography.

Viewer Reactions & Opinions

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Comment sections often serve as a space for viewers to share their thoughts and perspectives. Some viewers agreed with the video, sharing their own experiences and observations, while others offered alternative viewpoints.

One notably shared noting,

“We were also ridiculed for the selfie and wanting to look good, so now most of us just don’t want to put the effort in when we are the subject.”

Another one recounted their experience, saying,

“Scarcity started w film, but now it’s cuz whoever is taking the photo will only take 3 and then roll their eyes when I ask for more. “

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