HR Insider Reveals How ‘Toxic’ Employers Unintentionally Expose Themselves During Interviews

Every question can carry a hidden meaning in the intricate dance of job interviews. Miles, an HR expert, is removing the curtain on this often-overlooked aspect of the hiring process.

By interpreting the subtext behind certain interview questions, he offers insights into potentially toxic work environments. Here’s the inside story on how to read between the lines and spot red flags.

Unmasking the Interviewer’s Intent

Once they ask if youve read their reviews on Glassdoor its a wrap HR Insider Reveals How Toxic Employers Unintentionally Expose Themselves During Interviews
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TikToker Miles From HR, who boasts a following of 380,000, is leveraging his expertise in human resources to equip job seekers with valuable insights. In one of his recent videos, he sheds light on potential red flags that might indicate a toxic work environment, based on his own experiences during job interviews.

Miles starts off with a revelation, saying, “I’m gonna tell you a secret right now.” He warns his audience about employers who probe excessively into the reasons behind leaving previous jobs. He also points out that companies that focus heavily on negative behavioral questions, such as dealing with challenging supervisors or team members, might be hinting at their own problematic work culture.

Drawing from his personal encounters, Miles shares, “Any company that I’ve worked for that asked me a lot of those questions, when I got the job, I realized they were basically just preparing me to see if I can handle the negative workplace culture that they had.”

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Turning the Tables

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Miles suggests that when faced with concerning interview questions, it’s effective to address them head-on.

He shared his own approach, saying, “I’ve straight up asked recruiters sometimes, like, at the end of the interview, or like after I’ve already gotten the job, and I’m getting like feedback, I’m like, you know, ‘I thought some of your questions were really interesting. Can you share a bit about how you selected those?’”

Miles believes that the nature of the questions can reveal a lot about the company. He emphasized that if “most your questions are about how do you deal with a negative workplace environment, that is because their workplace environment is negative and they want to know if you can handle it.”

His advice for those who discern such red flags? “Get back into the market and start applying for some other jobs, because it ain’t worth it,” he states, adding that there are plenty of job opportunities out there.

Quit Quitting In the Workplace

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The rise in quiet quitting is closely linked to a decline in employee engagement, especially among younger workers. The pandemic has exacerbated feelings of disconnect between employees and their employers.

Many quiet quitters fit the description of being “not engaged” at work, doing only what’s necessary and remaining psychologically detached. Addressing this issue requires a proactive approach from management. Organizations need to ensure clarity in job expectations, provide growth opportunities, and foster a sense of belonging.

Managers play a pivotal role in this, with regular, meaningful conversations with team members being essential. By understanding and addressing the root causes of quitting, businesses can create a more engaged and productive workforce.

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