“I do this every time because I hate Walmart”: Customer Not Happy With Walmart

In the business world, customer reviews hold significant sway, a Walmart customer has found a unique way to express her disdain for the retail giant.

A Viral Protest

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A Walmart customer, Gianna Torres, has taken to social media to share her unique form of protest against the retailer she admittedly despises.

In a viral video, Torres reveals that she gives a one-star rating every time she uses the self-checkout service at Walmart with the text overlay of,

“I do this every time because I hate Walmart.”

The video, which has garnered significant attention, showcases Torres at the self-checkout counter, where she doesn’t hesitate to hit the one-star button when asked to rate her experience.

This act of defiance has sparked a conversation about the effectiveness and implications of the rating system implemented by the retailer.

Employee Insights on the Rating System

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Interestingly, the protest has found support among some Walmart employees. One employee commented on Torres’ video, stating that the high ratings primarily benefit the store’s general manager in the form of bonuses, without any perks trickling down to the other employees.

Another employee echoed this sentiment and mentioned that the managers receive bonuses if the store achieves a five-star rating. Still, it negatively affects the employees in some unspecified way. “when i worked at walmart they pushed us to ask people to rate us 5 stars so the managers could get a bonus. only management got bonuses”

This issue has also been discussed on other online platforms, with many questioning the impact of the rating system on the store’s bottom line and the benefits it brings to its managers.

Some suggest that a collective one-star rating protest could be a way for associates to voice their dissatisfaction with the lack of bonuses.

Understanding the Discontent Towards Walmart

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Despite being a popular destination for a wide variety of products and services at low prices, Walmart has garnered significant criticism and dislike from a portion of the population.

The dissatisfaction stems from several factors, including consistently low customer satisfaction ratings, inadequate employee wages, and only sometimes offering the best prices compared to competitors.

Moreover, customers often find the shopping experience at Walmart to be less than pleasant due to the sprawling nature of the stores, which are often understaffed, leading to messy shelves and long queues.

Furthermore, the presence of Walmart in a region often leads to the decline of local independent businesses, as Walmart tends to dominate the market, sometimes even selling products at a loss to attract customers.

This aggressive strategy has been perceived as a detriment to local economies and has contributed to the negative perception of the retail giant.

Voices from the Walmart Community

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Several users shared their personal grievances and observations in a Reddit thread discussing the reasons behind the widespread disdain for Walmart. A common sentiment echoed by many is the poor treatment of employees, characterized by low wages, inadequate benefits, and a lack of respect from management.

Some users pointed out the negative changes in the company’s policies and atmosphere since the passing of its founder, Sam Walton. Others criticized the quality of products available at the store, accusing them of price gouging and offering goods of inferior quality.

The thread also highlighted customers’ frustration with the store’s organization and customer service, with many vowing to take their business elsewhere due to their negative experiences.

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