“I don’t see the problem here” Uber Eats Driver Attaches Real Estate Business Card to Orders, Viewers Respond

In the competitive business world, creating awareness about the services or products offered is crucial to building a consumer base.

While many opt for traditional advertising mediums such as newspapers, online marketing, billboards, flyers, and message boards, some entrepreneurs think out of the box to spread the word about their ventures.

A Creative Approach to Business Promotion

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An Uber Eats delivery runner based in Winnipeg has seized the opportunity to promote his real estate business in a rather unconventional way. This individual, Ryan Smith, has been attaching his business card to the food orders he delivers.

This strategy is familiar, as other drivers have previously used goody bags and other incentives to encourage customers to tip. The caption accompanying the images showcasing this innovative marketing strategy reads,

“Sometimes you have to get creative!”

Public Reaction: A Mixed Bag

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The public’s reaction to this unique marketing approach has been quite polarized. Many viewers appreciate Smith’s hustle and creativity in raising awareness about his business.

Comments from supporters highlight the respect for his dedication and passion towards his career. One supporter noted,

“I don’t see the problem here. Just throw it out if you don’t want it lol! I respect his devotion.”

However, only some people are on board with this strategy. Some individuals find the idea distasteful, saying they would be offended to find a business card attached to their food order. Others mentioned that they would not take a real estate agent seriously if they were also involved in food delivery.

Comments from this section of the audience include statements like, “This would make me irrationally angry,” and;

“No chance in hell am I calling the door dash guy to buy a house.”

Distributing Business Cards with Food Deliveries: A Reddit Discussion

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In a discussion on Reddit, a user who recently started working as a delivery person contemplated the idea of including their business cards (related to their primary job as a cosmetologist) with each food delivery.

They sought opinions on whether this act would be considered rude or a violation. Most of the responses leaned towards disapproval, with many stating that they would not appreciate receiving a business card with their food order, considering it tacky and intrusive.

The original poster eventually decided against the idea, acknowledging the feedback from other users who suggested that it might need to be better received by customers.

Handing Out Business Cards: A Discussion on the Uber Drivers Forum

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In a thread on the Uber Drivers Forum, various users discussed the legality and appropriateness of handing out business cards for personal businesses (like hairstyling businesses) to Uber clients.

The original poster, a hairstylist, was considering distributing business cards to grow their clientele. The responses were mixed, with some users cautioning against it due to potential violations of Uber’s policies. In contrast, others suggested subtle ways to promote their business without directly handing out cards.

Some users even encouraged the idea, stating that it could be a good opportunity to grow one’s business, especially if the conversation naturally leads to it. The discussion highlighted the varying perspectives and approaches to self-promotion within the Uber driving community.

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