‘I genuinely don’t know what to do’ College Student Forgets to Confirm Housing

One student’s story in college life is a stark reminder of the vital importance of double-checking housing arrangements before embarking on the journey to campus.

Meet Zandrox, the college student who learned a hard lesson when he discovered, all too late, that he had neglected to confirm his dorm room assignment.

As his parents assisted him in moving to campus, they were met with the unexpected reality of their child having no place to call home.

The Situation Unfolds

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Zandrox’s video, which went viral, shows his parents driving him to campus, unaware that he doesn’t have housing with a text overlay:

“I genuinely don’t know what to do”

He expressed his nervousness and uncertainty about how to break the news to his parents. This situation highlights the importance of timely communication and the need to read and respond to important emails, as many other students have found themselves in similar predicaments due to overlooking their emails.

Public Response

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The public response to Zandrox’s situation was mixed. Some people expressed sympathy, while others were critical, highlighting the importance of reading emails and confirming essential details.

A person working in school administration commented on the shocking number of people who never confirm or read important emails, leading to situations like this.

Another shared a similar experience where her daughter assumed she had a room because they took her deposit, only to find out she was waitlisted for housing.

Positive Update

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Despite the initial panic and uncertainty, Zandrox provided a positive update on his situation. He is currently in a temporary dorm, and there is hope that he can move in with his roommate from last year, who is alone, thankfully.

This situation reminds all students about the importance of paying attention to emails and confirming housing assignments to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion.

Living On Campus: Pros & Cons

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Living on campus is a common choice for freshmen and sophomores, providing proximity to academic facilities and inclusion in the school’s social scene.

Approximately 2.54 million students opt for on-campus living, enjoying benefits like utility-included living, easy access to classrooms, and organized activities.

However, it has downsides, such as limited privacy, potential distractions, and higher costs, with the average room and board ranging from $10,138 for public institutions to $11,516 for private colleges and universities.

Options include dormitories, Greek housing, student housing cooperatives, and family-style living for married couples and single parents.

Off-Campus Living: Independence & Responsibilities

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For those desiring more independence, off-campus living offers privacy, choice of roommates, and fewer rules. It’s an opportunity to gain experience living independently, with more space and potentially more amenities than dorms.

However, it entails responsibilities like paying utility bills, traveling to campus, and more cleaning. It’s crucial to consider factors like location, price, type of housing, and living situation before deciding.

Ask critical questions about the lease, maintenance, and other aspects to avoid potential issues and ensure a comfortable living experience.

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