‘I jus got fired like 10 minutes ago’ Walmart Employee Claims Penalties for ‘Anything’ on the Job Sparks Intense Discussion

A recent discussion has emerged surrounding the point system that Walmart utilizes to monitor the behavior of its employees.

This conversation was initiated by a user on a popular social media platform who shared their personal experience with the point system at Walmart. The discussion has since gained traction, with many others sharing their experiences and perspectives on the system.

The Point System Explained

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Walmart employs a point system to track the behavior of its employees, often assigning points for tardiness. However, it has been claimed that the issues can be given for various time-related infractions, including missing shifts or failing to notify the management in advance.

The accumulation of more than five points can lead to termination.

Personal Experiences with the System

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The user who initiated the discussion mentioned that working at Walmart is not for the faint-hearted, as points can be accrued for almost any reason.

They revealed that they had already accumulated 2.5 points within less than a month of employment. This revelation prompted other users to share their own stories, with many alleging that the points were assigned unfairly.

Some of the grievances shared include receiving points for not giving a week’s notice before attending a funeral, getting points during a medical leave, which led to termination, and being penalized for missing work due to an emergency like a fire in their apartment building.

One comment reads,

“I got a point for not giving them a weeks notice for going to my grandpas funeral (he died 4 days prior to funeral)”

Another user commented,

“Bro I got 3 points for visiting my grandma for her bday”

A third added,

“I jus got fired like 10 minutes ago”

Varied Enforcement of the System

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Despite the stringent rules, some employees mentioned that the enforcement of the point system is flexible. There were instances where points were reduced due to the employee’s good performance or a favorable relationship with their supervisor.

This has led to a perception that the system can sometimes be flexible for those deemed good workers.

Understanding the Walmart Attendance Point System

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Many companies, including Walmart, have adopted attendance point systems to curb absenteeism and encourage punctuality.

At Walmart, the system operates as follows: employees receive half a point for arriving 15 minutes to 2 hours late or leaving early by the same time frame; one point for calling out of work or being late for over half their shift; and two points for a no-call/no-show.

An accumulation of 5 points can lead to termination, but these points are reset to zero after six months. Although criticized for being stringent, this system aims to foster responsibility and schedule adherence among employees.

Employees’ Grievances with Walmart’s Point System

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Employees at Walmart have expressed significant dissatisfaction with the company’s point system, criticizing it as overly harsh and inflexible, especially during emergencies. One Reddit user shared a story of their friend who was fired due to accumulating points following a medical emergency and subsequent recovery period.

This incident, along with others shared on the platform, paints a picture of a system that lacks compassion and understanding of employees’ circumstances. Many feel that the point system contributes to a high turnover rate, as individuals are penalized and even terminated for unforeseen events such as illnesses.

The discussion also hints at some managers’ discretion in adjusting points to retain employees, indicating a possible inconsistency in the system’s application.

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