‘I just kept getting charged $10 a month’: Customer’s Frustration Despite Attempts to Cancel, Planet Fitness Membership Keeps Charging for Four More Years

In a recent revelation, a gym enthusiast has brought to light an alleged malpractice by the popular gym chain Planet Fitness.

The individual claimed that the company continued to charge him a monthly fee for a period of five years, even after he attempted to cancel his membership, amounting to a total of $800.

The Unsettling Experience

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On a popular social media platform, a user shared a video on August 19 detailing his exasperating experience with the company. He narrated,

“One time I tried to cancel my $10 a month Planet Fitness membership (which also had a $40 annual fee) over the phone, but they said I had to come in to cancel.”

The ordeal didn’t end there, as he continued,

“So I just kept getting charged $10 a month for 4 MORE YEARS. And it had already been like a year of me not going when I thought about canceling. So, for those of you keeping score at home, 5 years at $160 a year. $800.”

The video quickly garnered attention, accumulating over 1.4 million views within a week. This incident opened a floodgate of similar stories and advice on how to avoid such charges from other users.

Community Reactions and Advice

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The video became a platform where many shared their narratives of trying to cancel their Planet Fitness memberships or offered advice on how to avoid these charges.

One person advised,

“I canceled the card on file, lmao,” while another shared a similar experience, stating, “I even went in to cancel, and they kept trying to charge me! I canceled the card, too!”

Others mentioned taking measures such as having their bank block all charges from the company.

Planet Fitness Membership Cancellation Policy

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At Planet Fitness, members are welcomed into a Judgement Free Zone®, a comfortable workout environment for both first-time gym users and longtime members. The policy guide on their official website provides guidance and insight into how members can make the most of their membership.

While the page mentions a “Membership Cancellation” section, the specific details regarding the cancellation policy are not provided in the extracted content. It is recommended to direct any questions related to the contents of the policy guide or its interpretation to the club manager or supervisor.

Planet Fitness reserves the right to modify any policy or club rule at any time, with or without prior notice.

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