‘I peed in one of those once’ Woman Draws Criticism for Taking Washer Fluid from Gas Station for Car Use

Recently, a woman has stirred the pot of controversy by sharing a method to obtain windshield washer fluid for free, which has garnered both attention and criticism from the online community.

The Unconventional Hack

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In a viral video, a Canadian woman, identified as Tris, revealed a trick to get windshield washer fluid without paying a dime. Captured at a gas station, Tris is seen utilizing the cleaning supplies area, explicitly targeting the container filled with a light pink windshield washer fluid meant for patrons to clean their windshields.

Tris uses a plastic cup to scoop the fluid, intending to use it in her car. She is heard saying, “Why pay for washer fluid when the gas station has it for free?” as she proceeds to pour the fluid into her car’s windshield washer reservoir, encouraging her vehicle to “drink up”.

The Backlash

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The video, which has amassed over four million views and 2,100 comments, has yet to be well-received by the majority. Many viewers pointed out the potential dirtiness of the fluid, which sits out all day, attracting bugs and other undesirable elements.

One individual noted the presence of sediment in the fluid, cautioning against putting it through car windshields.

Moreover, individuals with experience working at gas stations revealed that the fluid available is only sometimes a windshield washer-specific product.

Sometimes, it is merely a multipurpose cleaner or a concoction of water mixed with a small amount of cleaning detergent. One person shared their experience of using a diluted solution of Dawn Dishsoap at their station as a cost-saving measure.

Another one added,

“‘I peed in one of those once’”

The Economic Perspective

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Despite the criticism, the economic aspect of this hack cannot be ignored. Much of the backlash stems from relatively inexpensive washer fluid, with prices hovering around $2 to $4 for a gallon.

This has led many to question the necessity and worth of the hack, with one top comment succinctly putting it as,

“Because washer fluid is like $2?”

Washer Fluid on Gas Station

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In a recent Reddit post, users discussed the introduction of washer fluid stations at a nearby gas station. Many users found this addition to be quite practical and were surprised that it wasn’t implemented sooner.

Some users from Sweden mentioned that such facilities have been available in their country for over a decade. However, they noted that the cost at these stations is considerably higher than buying washer fluid in jugs.

Other users echoed this sentiment, pointing out these stations’ high cost per liter. A few users also speculated that the photo from the post was taken in Canada, and some mentioned that similar facilities are available in the UK, integrated into air compressors at petrol stations, albeit at a higher cost than store-bought options.

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