“I received intensive EMDR for CPTSD” Dr. Daniel Amen’s Insights into Children of Alcoholics

Alcoholism’s grasp extends far beyond individuals battling addiction, infiltrating the lives of their families, especially the children.

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen unveils invaluable revelations about the trials faced by these young ones and their descendants.

In the United States, a staggering 30 million children shoulder the weight of growing up in such households, underscoring the need to grasp the deep psychological and emotional ramifications of their journeys.

It’s time to understand the far-reaching effects and offers support where it’s most needed.

The Cycle of Trauma and its Consequences

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According to Dr. Daniel Amen, many children and grandchildren of alcoholics are exposed to traumatic experiences during their upbringing. In the video, Dr. Amen shares a personal anecdote where he encountered a young woman who had attempted suicide.

“She grew up in trauma. So I studied children and grandchildren of alcoholics in my early career, and there are 30 million children of alcoholics in the United States today.”

Through therapy, it was revealed that her father was an alcoholic, and she had grown up in an environment marked by trauma.

Therapy can be a transformative process that helps individuals explore and understand their past experiences, including traumatic events or complicated family dynamics.

Anxiety and Depression

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“They grow up often with anxiety, often with depression, often with past trauma, with ADD. And the triad is feelings. They don’t trust and they don’t talk.”

Dr. Amen’s research in his early career focused on studying this specific population. He found that anxiety, depression, past trauma, and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are common challenges faced by these individuals.

He emphasizes the significance of understanding the triad of issues that often plague them: feelings of emotional suppression, trust issues, and a reluctance to communicate openly.

Breaking the Silence: Addressing Emotional Suppression

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One key aspect Dr. Amen highlights is the emotional suppression experienced by children of alcoholics.

Growing up in an environment where expressing feelings is often discouraged or dismissed, these individuals face significant challenges in developing a healthy emotional vocabulary.

The inability to effectively express emotions can contribute to the development of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

“They don’t trust and they don’t talk.”

Trust issues frequently plague children and grandchildren of alcoholics, stemming from broken promises, erratic behavior, and the unpredictability often associated with alcoholism.

Dr. Amen highlights the difficulty in developing trust, even in cases where the evidence of alcoholism is undeniable.

Rebuilding Trust: Overcoming the Legacy of Alcoholism

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“In fact, trying to get my friend to even admit her dad was an alcoholic, even though if you beat her mother or the police came to their house, I mean, it was a problem. Denial is so common.

He shares an anecdote of his friend, who struggled to admit her father’s alcoholism despite multiple incidents of domestic violence and police involvement.

As Dr. Amen asserts, denial is a common defense mechanism in such circumstances.

Overcoming these trust issues requires patience, understanding, and sometimes professional intervention.

Therapy, support groups, and cultivating healthy relationships can contribute to rebuilding trust and fostering a sense of security in the lives of those affected.

Seeking Help and Raising Awareness

I received intensive EMDR for CPTSD Dr. Daniel Amens Insights into Children of Alcoholics
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The prevalence of alcoholism and its far-reaching consequences necessitate raising awareness about the challenges faced by children and grandchildren of alcoholics.

It becomes evident that many people resonate with the experiences shared by Dr. Amen. They express empathy and understanding, while others share their stories of growing up with alcoholic parents or grandparents.

One comment reads, “I come from 5 generations of alcoholics and I haven’t touched alcohol in my adult life. It ends with me.”

Another commenter said, “I am the child of an alcoholic. I became one myself and then got sober. I had generational and compound PTSD. I received intensive EMDR for CPTSD.”

A user also said, “This is my husband. Both parents alcoholics and it is SO difficult for him to identify and express his emotions.”

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