“I SOBBED in the car for 30 minutes”: Customer’s Gesture of Flowers for Favorite Baristas Meets Unexpected Rejection

Sometimes, even the sweetest gestures don’t brew the reactions we expect. TikToker Madelynn Bankard learned this the hard way when her simple act of kindness — offering flowers to her favorite baristas — was met not with smiles but rejection.

The unexpected response brewed a storm of emotions, leaving Madelynn in tears and steering clear of her coffee haven for a week. Let’s uncover this story.

The Kind Gestures

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The TikToker shared a distressing experience via a detailed on-screen caption, recounting,

“Thinking about how I brought flowers to my favorite baristas at my favorite coffee shops and they DENIED them.”

The story unfolds further as she divulges her emotional reaction to the rejection,

“And I SOBBED in the car for 30 minutes and couldn’t make myself go back in for a week because I was so hurt and embarrassed they didn’t want them.”

This candid share highlights the vulnerability and disappointment she felt in what was intended to be a heartfelt gesture.

What Viewer’s Have To Say

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The TikToker’s gesture of giving flowers to her favorite baristas sparked a flurry of comments, with many trying to provide context or possible reasons for the baristas’ refusal.

One user empathized with the baristas, saying,

“I understand that you probably meant it as a nice gesture but I used to be so guarded working in food service. Like u never know what a stranger [can do].”

Another highlighted the potential dangers of the job, mentioning,

“Every retail workplace I’ve worked at, at least 3 people have had a stalking incident.”

Others pointed out the awkwardness of such gestures in a professional setting.

“Also if you approach someone who’s on the clock,” a commenter noted, “you’re putting them on the spot because they can’t leave if they’re uncomfortable or speak freely.”

Some tried to find practical reasons for the refusal. One asked,

“Did they have lilies in them? They might have said no because they’re not pet safe. A lot of people bring their pets in.”

Another shared a policy perspective, saying,

“I work in customer service and my company doesn’t allow us to take any tips or gifts from customers. It could’ve just been a situation like that.”

Out of Kindness

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However, there were those who felt for the TikToker and her genuine act of kindness. “You acted out of kindness and appreciation and there is nothing wrong with that,” one user comforted. “You have a good heart.”

Another lamented the state of things, saying,

“Sad that people just don’t accept gestures as kindness and just chill.”

One user, surprised by the baristas’ reaction, commented,

“I am shocked!!! I’ve worked in coffee for 14 years and I’ve never met a barista who would turn down flowers from a reg like this!”

A few suggested she should just tip them, to which she responded in the comments, explaining that she already does tip and elaborated on her reasons for offering flowers.

Understanding Boundaries In Everyday Life

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Sometimes, when we’re in places like stores or coffee shops, we meet people we want to talk to, like those who are serving us. But it’s important to remember that everyone has their own space and feelings.

Madelynn’s story is a real-life example that shows us how complicated it can be to connect with people, especially those who are working, like servers or store clerks. We need to be clear in how we talk, show kindness, and understand that it’s okay if someone doesn’t want to become friends or talk more.

They might be busy or just not feel like chatting, and we should respect that. This means understanding when to step back and let others be, even if we’re interested in talking more.

Learning to Accept ‘No’ In Social Situations

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It’s normal to feel a bit upset when someone says ‘no’ to us, whether they’re turning down a chat, a request, or an offer of friendship. But dealing with ‘no’ is part of life. Especially when trying to talk to someone at their job, we have to remember they’re working and might not have time for a long chat.

This helps us see why we should be considerate and remember that everyone has their own life and feelings. When someone says ‘no’, it’s not always about us—maybe they’re having a tough day or just really focused on their work.

What’s important is that we show we’re strong and understanding by being okay with ‘no’. It shows we care about other people’s feelings and respect their space, which makes us good friends and kind people overall.

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