‘I told you how to make it. I should be getting tipped!’ Woman Raises Question About Tipping on Subway Sandwiches

The tipping culture in the United States has been a topic of heated discussion.

A recent incident where a Subway customer questioned the rationale behind tipping for sandwiches has brought this issue to the forefront. And this is what she has to say.

The Incident

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A Subway customer recently sparked a widespread discussion on the appropriateness of tipping at fast-food chains. The customer expressed her disbelief at the expectation of tipping the staff who prepared her sandwich, stating, “In what world does it make sense that we’re tipping people to make Subway sandwiches?” She further added,

“I told you how to make it. I should be getting tipped!”

This incident ignited a debate, with many users sharing their own rules and opinions on who should receive tips and how much should be given.

The conversation extended to various service sectors, including restaurants, delivery services, and even self-service checkouts.

Public Response

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The video documenting this incident garnered significant attention, with over 891,000 views at the time of reporting. Many users chimed in with their views on the tipping culture.

One user pointed out the limited sectors where tipping should be applicable, stating,

“Restaurants, delivery drivers, hairdressers, tattoo artists. That’s it, period.”

Another user questioned the logic behind paying additional amounts for a service already paid for.

Furthermore, a recent Subway customer highlighted the awkwardness experienced when not tipping, sharing,

“I literally just left from Subway and at the cash they stand and watch you while paying and then look at the receipt before handing your food over.”

Changing Tipping Practices

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In an article by Elizabeth Gravier on CNBC, the evolving tipping culture in the US is scrutinized, particularly in light of the proliferation of digital payment kiosks. These kiosks often prompt customers to tip for services that traditionally didn’t warrant tipping, such as takeout orders, stirring a debate on the affordability of this new norm amidst the ongoing inflation.

Financial experts suggest that understanding the pay structure of various service providers can guide customers in deciding when and how much to tip.

While a 20% tip is customary for services like dining, it is not obligatory for transactions facilitated through digital kiosks, where a 10% tip or a nominal amount is deemed reasonable.

Similarly, the CBS News article discusses the phenomenon of “tipflation” is highlighted, indicating a growing backlash among Americans due to the increasing pressure of digital tipping prompts.

This trend reflects a broader shift in the tipping culture, with individuals reassessing their tipping habits in response to the changing landscape of service industries facilitated by digital advancements.

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