Spirit Airlines Passengers Stranded, Endure Over 7-Hour Wait Before Takeoff: ‘I would have a panic attack’

Spirit Airlines often finds itself at the center of discussions regarding unsatisfactory services in the competitive world of airlines.

Despite offering low ticket prices, the airline is frequently associated with operational issues that tarnish its reputation.

The Incident

A video uploaded by Lindsey Mascera, a Spirit customer, has garnered massive attention, showcasing a plane filled with frustrated passengers waiting for their flight to take off for an extended period.

In the video, Lindsey captures the growing unrest among the passengers, some standing and fidgety, while others seemingly trying to hold their patience. She narrates,

“We have 200 passengers on this flight right now. How long have you been waiting? 7 hours,” and adds, “It’s almost 11 pm, and we’ve been here since 4.”

The video also highlights the absence of pilots, with Lindsey stating, “We got delayed. And now there’s no pilots to be found and no answer.” She concludes by urging people to avoid Spirit Airlines, criticizing their service.

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The Underlying Issues

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Unfortunately, Spirit Airlines, known for its ultra-low-cost fares, has earned the title of “America’s worst airline.” Despite the allure of low prices, the airline continuously faces backlash due to many issues affecting the customer experience.

Some of the prominent problems include:

  • Unreliable Flight Schedule: Customers often face frequent flight cancellations and delays, leading to frustration. According to Lending Tree Spirit has a 66.97% on-time arrival time so far in 2023 ².
  • Refund Issues: The airline’s rigid refund policies ³, lack of transparency for canceled flights, and slow refund processing and hidden fees exacerbate passenger grievances.
  • Hidden Fees: Customers are charged extra for essential services like checked bags and priority boarding ⁴, which can offset the initial cost savings and result in an unsatisfactory experience.
  • Uncomfortable Planes: The airline’s planes are known for their tight seating and minimal amenities, offering little comfort and privacy during flights.
  • Lack of Inflight Amenities: The absence of entertainment options, limited connectivity, and paid refreshments further diminish the onboard experience.

Public Reaction

The incident sparked a flurry of online comments, with users sharing their unpleasant experiences with the airline. One user mentioned a 12-hour wait that eventually led to a cancellation, while another recounted a 13-hour delay.

Despite the negativity, some users focused on the positive aspects, with comments appreciating the comfort of the seats.

A third added, “I would have a panic attack”

Lindsey later revealed in a comment that the delay eventually extended to 12 hours.

What Do You Think?

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While some travelers may be willing to overlook the shortcomings of Spirit Airlines in favor of cost savings, many value convenience, comfort, and a smoother flying experience over potential cost savings.

The recent incident serves as a reminder of the potential hassles associated with choosing this airline.

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