‘IF YOU KNOW THEN YOU KNOW’ Walmart Employee Shares Unusual Experience of Bringing Pallet Jack Into the Restroom

Walmart might be a household name, but not many are privy to its employees’ love-hate relationship with their pallet jacks.

These indispensable tools, used for maneuvering heavy pallets, stand as an emblem of efficiency and exasperation in the daily life of Walmart’s workforce. Want to uncover this quirky inside story? Let’s dive in!

The Essential Pallet Jack

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A pallet jack is a tool designed to help employees transport pallets from one location to another within the store. Given the vast array of products Walmart stocks, these jacks play a pivotal role in the daily operations.

Such is their importance that some Walmart employees, as shared on Reddit, have even named their favorite and least favorite jacks.

Protecting the Beloved Jack

Due to the varying quality and condition of pallet jacks, employees often find themselves attached to specific ones that function optimally. TikTok user JaKerrion Campbell showcased this attachment in a video that has since garnered over 2.2 million views.

In the clip, Campbell is seen taking his pallet jack into the restroom to prevent it from being stolen. The video’s text overlay reads, “When you have to bring your pallet jack in the restroom with you so nobody won’t steal it.”

Further emphasizing the relatability of the situation, Campbell captions the video with, “IF YOU KNOW THEN YOU KNOW!!”

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The Shared Experience

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Campbell’s TikTok about pallet jacks in stores resonated with many, as several commenters shared their own experiences with these essential tools at their workplaces, including Walmart and other stores.

One commenter mentioned, “I worked at Lowe’s and someone put a broken sign on the good pallet jack so no one else would take it.”

Another shared a tactic they used, saying, “I would sandwich the pallet jack between two tall pallets in the backroom at Walmart, leaving enough room to lower and raise the jack when needed.”

A third person confirmed the relatability of the situation, stating, “I worked at a Walmart before and this is painfully true lmao. You look away for 5 SECONDS and you see your coworker walking away with it.” The comments highlight the universal struggle of workers trying to secure a good pallet jack in busy store environments.

More Than Just a Tool

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For many retail workers, the pallet jack is more than just a tool; it’s a trusted companion that aids in their daily tasks. The lengths employees go to protect these jacks highlight their significance in the retail environment and the challenges faced in ensuring their availability and functionality.

Reddit users have highlighted that Campbell’s behavior of taking pallet jacks to unusual places is not an isolated incident. On the r/Walmart subreddit, it’s evident that this is a common issue in many Walmart stores.

One user mentioned that at their store, “Workers bring their pallet jacks to the break room since we barely have any available.” Another comment revealed even more extreme measures, stating, “Come to my store, associates bring them outside on breaks to smoke, others have brought them in the bathroom with them.”

An interesting observation was made by a user who said, “There is a guy I work with on cap one, he will go find one before clocking in. Now it will be ridiculous on the day someone takes it to lunch with them.”

The discussions on the subreddit also showcased various tactics employees use, either deliberately or inadvertently, to ensure colleagues or vendors don’t take their jacks.

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