‘I’m a vegan…but only in between meals’ Things You Hear In Restaurants You Wish Were Made Up

In a recent viral comedy video, a creator humorously highlights the sometimes perplexing questions and requests that restaurant servers receive from customers.

This video has not only tickled the funny bones of many but also sparked a conversation about a particular culinary term – “butterflied steak”. The video has left several viewers pondering, “Is this about me?”

The Video that Stirred the Pot

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In the video, the creator takes on multiple roles, portraying a server and various customers with unique quirks and questions.

The interactions range from mispronunciations of “filet mignon” to inquiries about the difference between 8-ounce and 11-ounce steaks.

One segment that caught the attention of many was when a customer was asked if they would like their steak “butterflied”, leading to a comical misunderstanding involving actual butterflies.

The Buzz Around Butterflied Steak

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The term “butterflied steak” seemed to have baffled many viewers, with some admitting to their lack of knowledge about the term despite having worked in restaurants.

The comments section became a space for culinary education, with individuals sharing their understanding of what “butterflying a steak” entails. One user noted,

“To be fair… the butterflied steak might not be common knowledge,” adding that one could simply ask what it means instead of assuming.

Butterfly Technique

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But what exactly is a “butterflied steak”? According to culinary experts, butterflying a piece of meat involves slicing it horizontally, but only some of the way through, stopping about three-quarters of the way in.

This creates a hinge that allows the meat to be opened and laid flat, resembling a butterfly’s wingspan.

This technique not only makes the meat easier to cook to well-done without charring the outside but also cuts the thickness of the meat in half while keeping it intact as one piece. In the case of a filet mignon, a butterfly cut will resemble two connected circles.

Public Outcry

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The video served as a learning moment for many, with viewers appreciating the explanation of the butterfly technique.

One viewer, who identified as a chef, commended another user for explaining the technique better than they ever could. This interaction showcases the power of social media in fostering learning and discussion on various topics, including culinary techniques.

A user also commented, “to be fair.. the butterflied steak might not be common knowledge.. although could just ask what it is ”

“I’m a vegan…but only in between meals” reads another comment.

A Bone to Pick: The Vegan Caesar Dressing Debate

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The video also sparked a discussion on another topic – the ingredients of vegan Caesar dressing.

In the video, a server explains that their Caesar dressing is vegan-friendly as it does not contain anchovies, a common ingredient in traditional recipes.

However, several viewers pointed out that Caesar dressing also contains eggs and Parmesan cheese, which are not vegan-friendly, highlighting a common misconception about veganism.

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