“I’m just not built for a 9-5 no matter what it is”- Woman Ready to Quit New Job After Just 4 Days

A recent viral post highlighted a sentiment that many can relate to: the challenges and dissatisfaction of traditional 9-5 jobs.

A woman expressed her desire to leave her new position only four days after starting, sparking a wave of empathy and shared experiences from others.

The Viral Post

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A woman known as Sara shared her feelings about a new job she had taken on. She was disillusioned with her new role despite searching for employment for a year.

She captured her feelings in a video, walking through what appears to be an office building, expressing apparent disinterest. A text overlay on the video read:

“When it’s your 4th day at a new job and you’re already planning how to quit.”

Relatable Feelings

Im just not built for a 9 5 no matter what it is Woman Ready to Quit New Job After Just 4 Days
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Sara’s post resonated with many. Comments flooded in with individuals sharing their own struggles with job satisfaction.

One user commented, “I’ve hated almost every job I’ve ever had. you are not alone.” Another suggested that jobs should offer a “30-day trial” for both the employer and the employee.

The sentiment of job-hopping due to unsatisfactory work environments was also echoed, with one user stating, “I quit 5 jobs in the last 3 years… it’s the miserable co-workers and hostile environment for me.”

Job Satisfaction Trends

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Interestingly, according to The Conference Board Job Satisfaction 2023 report, American workers are experiencing unprecedented contentment in their jobs.

In 2022, 62.3% of US workers expressed satisfaction, marking an increase from 60.2% in 2021. This is the highest satisfaction rate since the survey’s inception in 1987.

Notably, satisfaction has been upward for over a decade, rebounding from a low of 42.6% in 2010 post the Great Recession.

The rise is attributed to improvements in non-compensation factors such as work-life balance, surpassing pay, and benefits enhancements.

The post-pandemic era has seen workers reaping the benefits of a tight labor market, with those switching jobs experiencing, especially high satisfaction levels.

Eren Selcuk, an Economist for the group, attributed this rise to low unemployment rates in the U.S., creating a favorable market for job seekers.

“US workers are reaping the rewards,” Eren commented, suggesting that employers now have to compete more aggressively for talent.

The Leading Cause of Dissatisfaction

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Job dissatisfaction arises when employees harbor negative sentiments toward their roles and the organizations they serve. Several factors contribute to this sentiment, including:

  • Underpayment: Employees feel they aren’t compensated fairly compared to peers in similar roles.
  • Work/Life Balance: Companies not recognize the importance of a balanced personal and professional life.
  • Limited Vacation Time/PTO: Lack of adequate breaks can lead to burnout and decreased efficiency.
  • Poor Management: Ineffective leadership and lack of feedback can demotivate employees.
  • Unsupportive Company Culture: A culture where employees don’t feel connected, heard, or involved can lead to dissatisfaction.
  • No Growth Opportunities: Employees feel stagnant with no room for advancement or personal growth.

3 Things to Consider Before Signing Your Employment Contract: According to A Lawyer

job contract ss1016730169
Image Credit: Andre Boukreev/Shutterstock.

When it comes to accepting a new job offer, the excitement of joining a new company can often overshadow the critical step of reviewing and understanding your employment contract.

Yet, signing without careful consideration can lead to potential pitfalls down the road.

To help you navigate this essential document, we present insights from a video by a lawyer on three crucial terms to look out for before putting pen to paper.

Make sure you’re well-informed before taking the leap into your new career.

A Lawyer’s Advice for Escaping Unbearable Workplace Conditions

resign work ss2288601455
Image Credit: NOBUHIRO ASADA/Shutterstock.

Imagine finding yourself in a tough spot, facing unbearable conditions at your workplace, and feeling like you’ve hit a dead end.

It’s an emotionally challenging situation that might leave you contemplating the difficult decision of leaving your job.

But here’s some good news! A lawyer explained a legal concept called “constructive dismissal” that’s here to support you.

We want you to feel empowered and informed, knowing your rights and options in challenging work situations.


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