’10/10 recommend’: This Is Why You Should Get an Induction Cooktop

The numerous advantages of transitioning from a gas stove to an induction cooktop include reduced home air pollution, cost savings, and decreased cooking times.

TikTok user @jacquelynedna demonstrates one more benefit in her short video: ease of cleaning. Here’s the full details.

Just One Spray

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@jacquelynedna swiftly cleans the smooth glass cooktop, explaining, “Just one spray of a basic cleaning detergent and a wipe down, and you’ll have a clean top.”

The simplicity of maintaining an induction cooktop becomes evident when compared to the often troublesome cleaning of gas stovetop burners. But ease of cleaning is not the only advantage of induction stoves.

@jacquelynedna 10/10 recommend induction cooktop because cleanup afterwards is super fast and easy.
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Speedy Cooking with Induction

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Convenience is further emphasized by their ability to heat things much more rapidly than gas ranges, thanks to their use of magnetic currents to produce heat.

One chef’s test revealed that an induction stove can boil water twice as fast as its gas counterpart.

Health & Environmental Benefits

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Safety is also a notable benefit of induction cooktops. Their lack of an open flame is demonstrably safer for families, as showcased by another TikTok chef. Additionally, induction cooktops negate the indoor air pollution caused by gas ranges.

A study from the Rocky Mountain Institute highlighted that air pollutants from gas ranges, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde, induce one in eight instances of childhood asthma.

Moreover, from an environmental perspective, electric cooking is the superior option. By reducing reliance on methane gas and other gas-powered technologies, a significant contributor to the planet’s overheating is minimized.

The Debate: Gas vs. Electric Stoves

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The choice between gas and electric stoves has been a topic of renewed discussion, especially with considerations regarding health impacts and potential regulatory changes. Gas stoves, favored by 38% of American households, offer instant heat, immediate temperature changes, and a gourmet experience of cooking over a flame.

They are often praised for better temperature control and durability, and gas is typically less expensive than electricity. However, they come with environmental concerns, can release dangerous gases into the air, and may be slightly more costly to purchase and install.

On the other hand, electric stoves, exceptionally smooth glass-top variants, are mainstream, easy to clean, and quick to heat food. They maintain low heat well and provide a stable base for various cookware but may not be as associated with a “foodie” experience.

Induction Cooktops: An Emerging Option

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Induction cooktops have emerged as an alternative, boasting energy efficiency and safety due to their operation only activating with currents between the coils and cookware. They cool quickly to the touch, operate with less heat loss, and are easy to clean, making them a popular choice.

However, they may require specific cookware, tend to be pricier than gas and electric stoves, and have a learning curve for new users.

With each cooking method presenting its own set of advantages and drawbacks, the decision between gas, electric, and induction cooking ultimately hinges on individual preferences, cooking habits, and specific kitchen needs.

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