Influencer Faces Backlash for Encouraging Followers to ‘Just Book a Freaking Flight’ to Thailand

Amidst a backdrop of economic turmoil, the digital realm is abuzz with criticism for influencer Kat Crittenden.

Her recent video, where she casually urged followers to “just book a freaking flight” to Thailand during a crippling cost-of-living crisis, has ignited controversy.

The viral footage features Crittenden basking in Thailand’s paradise-like scenery, leaving many questioning the divide between online fantasy and real-world struggles.

The Controversial Video

The video posted by Kat Crittenden is captioned,

“Me again, convincing you to travel lol.”

She begins her video by questioning her followers, “What are y’all still doing in America,” and encourages them to travel to Thailand. Despite the allure of dropping everything to travel, the harsh economic reality makes it an unfeasible option for many.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average American has a disposable income of $55,781 and personal debt amounting to $21,800.

@kathryncritt Me again, convincing you to travel lol #travel ♬ original sound – Kat Crittenden

Public Response

The public response to Crittenden’s video was swift and critical. Many users expressed their financial constraints in the comments, highlighting their lack of affluent backing, government assistance, and ongoing struggles with debt and homelessness.

This financial strain makes international travel an unattainable dream for many, leading to significant criticism of Crittenden’s “so out-of-touch” comments.

Economic Reality

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Today’s economic reality is stark today, with a cost of living crisis forcing people to tighten their budgets, forgoing luxuries such as dining out, purchasing certain groceries, and taking luxury vacations.

This economic strain makes Crittenden’s travel suggestion appear even more detached from the realities many of her followers face.

Inflation Impacts Travel Plans

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Inflation poses a significant barrier to summer travel for many Americans, as revealed by a study from financial services provider Empower.

The investigation uncovers that nearly 90% of Americans feel the pinch of inflation on their summer travel plans.

A substantial 20% express that they cannot afford summer travel at all, and over 40% have decided not to travel this summer due to escalating costs.

The financial strain is evident as those who still plan to travel consider dipping into their savings to fund their trips.

Financial Pessimism Prevails Among Americans

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Most Americans continue to rate their personal finances as “only fair” or “poor,” with a significant 55% expressing dissatisfaction with their financial situation.

This sentiment has remained consistent, showing no significant improvement from the previous year.

The survey highlights inflation as a primary concern, with 35% of respondents identifying it as the most significant financial problem facing their families.

Despite a slight ease in inflation rates, the high prices for essential goods like food and gasoline continue to burden American families, keeping financial optimism at bay.

Middle-Income Americans Hit the Hardest

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Particularly, middle-income Americans have shown a notable decline in financial confidence, reaching the lowest recorded by Gallup in two decades.

Despite this financial strain, 64% report having enough money to live comfortably, although this figure is among the most diminutive proportions recorded in two decades.

Concerns about not having enough money for retirement and paying medical costs for a serious illness or accident top the financial worries, reflecting the economic insecurity that plagues many Americans today.

The persistent high inflation continues to fuel financial pessimism and uncertainty among Americans, emphasizing the need for practical solutions to alleviate these economic pressures.

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