“It is complete madness”: Alarming “Woke” Propaganda Creeping Into Schools

In a disconcerting development, experts are raising red flags over including climate denial videos in Florida’s public school curriculum. The Florida Department of Education has approved animations from the Prager University Foundation, a conservative group known for disseminating false information about climate change and sustainable energy.

This controversial content will be presented to schoolchildren from kindergarten to fifth grade, sparking concerns about the potential impact on young minds.

Here’s the full scoop.

Prager University’s Disturbing Influence Created Buzz From People

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Prager University Foundation, despite its name, is not an accredited educational institution but a media platform and advocacy group founded by right-wing radio host Dennis Prager. The organization has created videos promoting “alternative” viewpoints on critical subjects such as racism, slavery, sexuality, and climate science.

Some of these videos feature characters questioning sustainable practices, including the shift to renewable energy sources and reducing plastic usage.

Florida’s “Woke” Debate & Climate Denial

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been actively opposing what he perceives as “woke” issues, particularly rejecting the notion that human activities contribute to global temperature rise. Now, climate-denial content, aimed at children as young as five, is becoming part of the educational landscape in the state.

Experts like Adrienne McCarthy, a researcher at Kansas State University, express deep concern about the implications of equating climate change awareness with extremist beliefs, warning of potential long-term effects on impressionable young minds.

Climate Misinformation

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In an analysis for Mother Jones, Principal climate scientist Kristina Dahl highlighted how these videos attempt to undermine scientific research findings, calling it “evil more than it is stupid.”

As discussions on this issue proliferate, individuals are voicing their fears about the influence of such misinformation and its alignment with anti-environmental policy planning.

What People Have To Say

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As the controversial decision to incorporate climate denial videos into Florida’s state curriculum unfolds, Reddit’s active community has not stayed silent.

The move to include content that denies established climate science is noticed, and the online community is eager to share their thoughts on what they see as a deeply perplexing and worrisome decision.

Some would say, “Are you familiar with Project 2025? If not, here’s more st*p*d! And scary. Please share :)”

And there was someone who said, “Dang!! The Republicans are certainly doubling down on stupid!!”

And then some would assert, “Interesting choice when your state is probably the most likely to be impacted by anthropogenic climate change. Let’s see if burying your head in the proverbial and real sand works out…”

Taking A Stand Against Climate Misinformation

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Countering climate misinformation relies on legal frameworks such as consumer protection laws, with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Environmental Marketing Guidelines being an example.

Reputable environmental organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) provide valuable resources and guidance for demonstrating sustainability efforts effectively (EDF, Sustainability Solutions; WWF).

Additionally, promoting science-based education involves engaging with authoritative sources like the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which offers educational frameworks and recommendations to enhance the quality of science education (NAS, K-12 Science Education Framework).

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