‘I’ve spent over $100 confirming this’: The Secret to Picking the Perfect Bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Phoenix-based Chef Joni Blackstone, a TikTok sensation known for his culinary skills, has cracked the code on snagging the ultimate bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and it’s set the snack world on fire.

After a $100 research spree, Blackstone’s golden rule is to hit up local carnicerias (Mexican grocery stores) for the crispiest, most flavor-packed batch.

Surprisingly, hardware stores like Home Depot and Ace are also secret hotspots for premium Cheetos. Ready to elevate your snack game? Here’s the scoop on this spicy revelation.

The Viral Quest

The video has garnered significant attention from Phoenix-based TikTok user Chef Joni Blackstone. In just two days since its release on Sunday, the clip has attracted over 1.6 million views. Blackstone shares a unique trick for ensuring you get the best possible bag of one of the most beloved snacks: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Blackstone begins by expressing his frustration with bags of Hot Cheetos that lack sufficient seasoning. He’s determined to demonstrate a hack that helps find the ones loaded with more flavor.

He confidently states,

“Over the last two days, I’ve spent over $100 confirming this theory, and I can now say with confidence, I can pick out a bag of hot Cheetos and know that it’s going to be a good bag.”

For Blackstone, the ideal Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are those thoroughly coated in red seasoning, leaving little to no yellow visible. The complete dusting ensures an intense, spicy experience — the redder, the better.

The secret, according to Blackstone, lies in the place of purchase. He asserts that carnicerias — Mexican grocery stores or meat markets — tend to have Flamin’ Hot Cheetos of superior quality compared to those found in non-Mexican chain stores he investigated.

He recounts his experience at a carniceria, describing the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos he purchased there as “the best” he’s ever had. Intrigued and hopeful, he returned to the same store for another bag and found them to be “amazing” once again.

Interestingly, Blackstone also mentions finding Flamin’ Hot Cheetos of comparable quality at a Home Depot, adding another location to consider for those in pursuit of the perfectly seasoned snack.

@joniblackstone For my hot cheeto lovers you know the dissappointment of a bag that has them naked chips in there. #hotcheetos #hotcheetostiktok #hotcheetoshack ♬ original sound – Chef Joni

Public Outcry

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This revelation prompted various reactions from viewers.

One viewer emphatically stated, “This is the most important TikTok I’ve ever seen.”

Another shared a personal observation, saying, “Me and my sister noticed the more wrinkled the bag is the better they are!” This comment piqued Chef Joni’s curiosity, prompting her to reply, “I’m gonna have to test.”

A different user brought up a related point, remarking, “I was just telling my friend hot Cheetos from Mexican markets are always better than bags from Target or non-Hispanic stores. She didn’t believe me.”

However, not everyone agreed with the sentiment. One individual expressed a preference for less seasoning, explaining, “I actually like the ones with less seasoning, they taste better, and I can eat more of them.”

Unearthing the Flamin’ Hot Spectrum

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The fiery journey begins with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a snack born in the ’90s, allegedly inspired by Mexican elotes. This iconic snack paved the way for various Flamin’ Hot variations, each offering a unique blend of heat, flavor, and texture.

A comprehensive taste test reveals a spectrum of spice levels, from the milder Smartfood Flamin’ Hot and Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho to the more adventurous options. While lower on the heat scale, these snacks are perfect for those gradually acclimating to the world of spicy treats.

Further into the realm of fiery snacks, Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle and Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Limón stand out for their zesty, saliva-inducing flavors. At the same time, Funyuns Flamin’ Hot and Lay’s Kettle Cooked Flamin’ Hot win the crunch enthusiasts’ hearts.

The journey culminates with the Cheetos XXtra Flamin’ Hot, reigning as the spiciest in the lineup. Though not the hottest snack on the market, it holds a special place at the pinnacle of the Flamin’ Hot collection.

This diverse range ensures that whether you’re a spice rookie or a heat connoisseur, there’s a Flamin’ Hot snack for every palate, promising each indulgence is a distinct, fiery escapade.

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