‘Are these fake jobs?” Man Questions Job Posts on Indeed

In recent times, the dynamics of job hunting have evolved, with many turning to online platforms to find their next opportunity.

One such platform that has been a go-to for many is Indeed.

However, recent user experiences suggest that the platform might not be as effective as it once was.

A Personal Experience

Job Interview Ghosting Strikes on Indeed ‘‘Are these fake jobs
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A user recently shared his experience:

“I used to bag so many jobs on Indeed.”

He went on to explain that about “60 to 70% of the jobs” he had worked at were secured through Indeed.

This is a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in the past. However, the same user expressed his recent struggles, mentioning that he’s not “scoring nothing” now.

This narrative raises questions about the changing dynamics of online job platforms and whether they still hold the same value for job seekers.

A Personal Anecdote

thinking man ss1450014455
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This individual shared a personal experience where he had a seemingly successful interview.

The interview concluded with the interviewer promising to send more details. However, the information has yet to arrive.

This led him to question,

“Are these fake jobs? Are these scams or something?”

A Larger Issue in the Job Market

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The user’s concerns with Indeed reflect a broader issue in the job market.

He voiced the general sentiment:

“Everybody wants to complain and be like, ‘Oh, the young people don’t want to work anymore! This young generation doesn’t want to work!

They don’t want to work.’ We are trying to get jobs, and even the simplest of jobs… they aren’t giving us opportunities. They aren’t giving us chances.”

The Phenomenon of Ghosting

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Another concerning trend that has been observed is the phenomenon of ‘ghosting.’

The user mentioned that he was ghosted after securing an interview through Indeed. This means that there was no further communication from the employer’s side after the initial interaction or interview.

Ghosting can be a demoralizing experience for job seekers, as it leaves them in a state of uncertainty.

It’s essential for platforms like Indeed to address such issues and ensure that their users have a positive experience.

What Could Be the Reasons?

whatever ss1666911499
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The rise of online job platforms has significantly transformed the job-seeking landscape.

Equitable Growth ¹ delves into the Internet’s transformative potential in reshaping how U.S. workers find jobs, emphasizing both the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Concurrently, McKinsey’s report ² underscores the profound impact of technology on the global labor market.

Highlighting the role of online talent platforms in enhancing labor market fluidity and their potential to boost productivity by efficiently matching job seekers with suitable roles.

Shared Experiences

social media post ss722600041
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Many internet users resonate with the user’s experience. Comments on his video revealed similar job search struggles.

One user commented,

“So it’s not just me. We put 100 applications in just to not get hired.”

Another added,

“I thought I was tripping. I’ve been looking for months with no results.”

Yet another shared,

I just got lucky last week, but I had put in over 1,000 applications and people barely call.”

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