Job Seeker Claims Spam Calls Stopped After Deactivating Indeed Account

Recently, many individuals have reported a surge in spam calls and messages, which they suspect are linked to the job search site Indeed. This suspicion has sparked a widespread debate on social media platforms and forums.

User Experiences

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A user named Jade recently shared her experience on a popular social media platform, claiming that the root of the spam calls she was receiving could be traced back to Indeed.

According to her, the number of spam calls drastically reduced once she deactivated her Indeed account and had all her information removed from their system. In her video, she got a text overlay

“When I deactivated my Indeed account and had them delete all my info from their system, and suddenly I go from getting 15 scam calls and texts a day to none.”

Online Forum

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A Reddit post shared by a user on the LifeProTips subreddit warned job seekers about the potential risks of using the Indeed job platform.

According to the user, after inputting their personal information into Indeed while searching for job opportunities, they started receiving a barrage of spam calls and texts daily. These unsolicited communications ranged from offers of free merchandise to claims of unclaimed money supposedly linked to their name.

The user also highlighted that Indeed seemingly lacks a robust vetting process for job postings, narrating an encounter with a scammer who offered a personal driver position.

Despite reporting the incident to Indeed, they received no response from the platform. The user’s girlfriend, who also used Indeed, experienced a similar influx of spam calls and texts.

This post serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to be wary of potential scams and incessant spam communications when using Indeed for job hunting. It emphasizes the necessity of vigilance and skepticism when dealing with unsolicited communications, especially those requesting personal information.

Indeed’s Privacy Policy

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Indeed’s privacy policy grants the platform extensive rights over the content users upload.

The policy includes a clause that allows Indeed to use, sell, sublicense, and distribute user content for various purposes, including publishing material on the Indeed website or third-party sites. This clause, found in article 3 of the policy, permits a wide range of uses for user data, potentially without any restrictions.

Compensation and User Rights

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Interestingly, the policy also states that users will not receive any compensation regarding Indeed’s use of their content under the license granted in this section. This clause gives Indeed the freedom to use user data to improve the website, promote content, and other purposes without offering any compensation to the users.

Protective Measures for Job Seekers

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In today’s digital era, job seekers are urged to maintain a high level of vigilance to protect their personal and financial information while navigating the online job market. It’s not uncommon for individuals to let their guard down when applying for jobs online, potentially risking the security of their personal data.

To mitigate this, individuals must adhere to several critical guidelines:

  • Refrain from sharing personal confidential information online
  • Apply only through reputable and well-known organizations
  • Keep passwords confidential
  • Avoid paying for recruitment services
  • Do not finance background checks.

These tips foster a safe online job search experience, encouraging individuals to employ common sense and caution to shield their personal and financial details from potential online threats. This guidance is a vital reminder to remain alert and prudent throughout the online job search journey.

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