You’ve Been Opening Ketchup Packets Wrong: Brilliant Hack

It’s rare that we consider the impact of our habitual, seemingly mundane actions. But every now and then, a new perspective sends shockwaves through our understanding, forcing us to reevaluate and reinvent our ways. 

Such was my experience when Erica Feinstein-Kuiper shattered my understanding of the simple act of opening a ketchup packet.

A Love for Ketchup

From the foot-long hotdogs of state fairs to the crispy french fries of my preferred fast food establishment and the sizzling burgers at family cookouts, ketchup has remained the undisputed king of my condiment kingdom. 

As a self-proclaimed ketchup connoisseur, I found my world turned upside down when she suggested that I’ve been handling my ketchup packets incorrectly all this time — and she was astonishingly correct.

The New Technique: Ketchup Pack Hack

Her revolutionary approach is disarmingly straightforward and makes one wonder how it hadn’t been the norm all along. 

This revelation could have saved many a parent the horror of watching their little ones squeezing ketchup packets haphazardly, turning their vehicle into a scene of a tomato massacre.

The trick? Tear it on the side and dip the fry. That’s right, instead of meticulously peeling off a tiny corner of the rectangular packet, all you need to do is tear it along the longer side. 

This surprisingly simple alteration reduces potential mess and conveniently transforms the packet into a portable dipping container.

The Impact

This ‘tear and dip’ technique is a game-changer, particularly for on-the-go adults like myself who frequently find themselves juggling fast food and other tasks in their cars. 

No more risk of rogue ketchup stains on clothes or upholstery, just a more enjoyable, hassle-free fast food experience.

The Video


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Beyond Ketchup

As we journey through our daily routines, let’s remain open to relearning even the simplest tasks because there’s always room for improvement, as the ketchup packet proves. 

With a bit of help from innovators like Erica, our daily activities can become more efficient, enjoyable, and perhaps, a little less messy.

Martha A. Lavallie
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