“Am I tripping or what?”: Landlord Slaps $250 Fee on Tenant’s Goldfish

Have you ever heard of a goldfish causing a housing controversy? In a comically outrageous story, TikToker Avianna found herself in a real-life “fishy” situation when her apartment complex insisted she fork over a hefty $250 pet fee — for her goldfish!

The internet couldn’t believe it, rallying behind her as she navigated this bizarre policy. Ready for a deep dive into this story that proves sometimes real life is stranger than fiction? Let’s plunge in!

The Goldfish Debacle

Avianna, known on TikTok as, shared a video that has garnered significant attention, accumulating over 780 K views, 104 K likes, and 5551 comments, with audiences expressing considerable surprise.

The video commences with Avianna in disbelief, exclaiming,

“Y’all, so tell me why my m—— f—— apartment complex tried to charge me $250 for a fish as a pet fee.”

She transitions to a green screen to display her text conversation with her landlord.

The displayed texts reveal her landlord’s message:

“Please come into the office by 9/8/23 to fill out your pet application along with a $250 money order/ PER pet (limit 2 pets per Unit). This is a ONE TIME FEE.”

Avianna explains that she disregarded the message as she doesn’t own a pet. However, verifying her payment portal to confirm her rent payment revealed an outstanding balance of $250.

Seeking clarification, Avianna texted,

“Goodmorning… I’m confused why my balance is $250 past due when I paid my rent on Sept. 14 for October.”

The landlord replied, asserting the charge was a pet fee. When Avianna denied having a pet, the landlord inquired about a fish. This prompted Avianna to request a phone call.

Astoundingly, this fee was levied for a mere goldfish, which understandably baffled Avianna. In the video, she says, “Mind y’all, let me show y’all the fish tank… ,” revealing an image of the modest 2.5-gallon tank. Avianna concludes her video by questioning, “Am I tripping or what?”

@aviannaa.x YALLL MY APARTMENT COMPLEX TRYNA PLAY , charging me a $250 pet fee for my fish , LIKE BFFR i cannot make this up ‼️
♬ original sound – Aviannaa

Public Reaction

shock ss635351060
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The incident has drawn a wave of reactions, ranging from shock to humorous quips. Commenters on the video joked about the situation, with remarks like:

“Is your fish peeing on the carpet???”

“I also have fish in the freezer, do I still pay the fee?”

While humorous on the surface, the incident underscores the broader issues tenants face with strict and often inflexible rental policies.

The Implications of Strict Rental Policies

frowning woman ss1569052078
Image Credit: fizkes/Shutterstock.

While Avianna’s experience with her goldfish might seem comical, it underscores significant issues within rental housing policies, particularly those concerning pets.

The story serves as a catalyst for discussions about tenants’ rights and the reasonableness of certain policies. In an era where pet policies in rental properties are becoming increasingly stringent, tenants often face surprising stipulations.

For instance, some landlords specify the type, breed, or size of pets allowed, with detailed policies sometimes even limiting the number of pets a tenant can have.

These rules aim to protect both the property and the living conditions of all residents. Still, they can sometimes feel unreasonable or overly restrictive, especially when they lead to unexpected charges, like a $250 fee for a goldfish.

Rights & Responsibilities

woman in her apartment dp655535162
Image Credit: tonodiaz/Deposit Photos.

The intricacies of pet policies often extend beyond simple restrictions. Tenants must understand that these policies are legally binding once they sign the lease. Non-compliance can lead to serious consequences, including loss of the security deposit or even eviction. However, the debate over what constitutes a “reasonable” pet policy is still ongoing.

While landlords have the right to protect their property from potential damages caused by pets, the question arises: at what point do these policies infringe on the rights of tenants? Furthermore, enforcing pet deposits, additional fees, or monthly pet rent raises discussions about the fairness of these charges.

Are they justifiable expenses for landlords or exploitative practices impacting pet owners? The dialogue continues, highlighting the need for more equitable housing practices considering both landlord and tenant perspectives.

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