‘If Your Partner Has Two Calculator Apps They’re Cheating’: Man ‘Exposes’ Calculator App People Use to Cheat

What if the innocent calculator app on your partner’s phone was more than it appeared?

A shocking revelation exposes a trend of deceptive calculator apps — they mimic the function of a standard calculator but are designed to conceal information and activities, providing a secret vault for those who wish to cheat in their romantic relationships.

Available on both Apple and Google Play stores, these apps have raised serious concerns about trust and privacy in the digital age.

Not Just Numbers

Man ‘Exposes Calculator App People Use to Cheat — Claims Two Calculator Apps Indicate Cheating
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A TikToker has revealed a potentially sneaky method some individuals are using to hide sensitive photos, suggesting it could be a red flag in relationships. The user warns,

“If you’re dating a guy and you go into his phone and type in the word calculator and he has two calculator apps, he’s cheating on you.”

This bold statement is based on the premise that one of the calculator apps isn’t just for crunching numbers. Instead, it’s a “secret photo album for ******.” However, it’s important to note that the app isn’t solely for concealing ***** photos; it’s a discreet photo vault that can hide any type of image, but it’s often utilized for more sensitive or private content.

About the App

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Secret calculator apps are a reality for iPhone and Android users, providing a discreet way to hide sensitive content. These apps are designed to look like regular calculator apps, blending in seamlessly with other utilities on a smartphone. However, their true purpose is far from simple calculations.

One such app, “Calculator# Hide Photos Videos,” available in the Apple App Store, promises confidentiality for a variety of files. Its description highlights its ability to secretly store photos, videos, documents, passwords, notes, contacts, and to-do lists, all under the guise of a functioning calculator.

The app ensures privacy by removing any files transferred to it from the device’s main photo gallery. It even offers the unique feature of locking away audio recordings and music files.

Android users have similar options, like the “Calculator – Photo Vault” app found in the Google Play Store. This app seems to take security a step further with an “Intruder selfie” feature, which activates the phone’s front-facing camera to take a picture when someone inputs the wrong password, providing an extra layer of security and accountability.

The Catch

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These apps are not just for innocent secrets; they often harbor material of a sensitive nature, sometimes even sexual content. With the rise of cheating and the sharing of explicit material among young people, calculator vault apps have become a digital haven for such content.

With their advanced features for hiding content, these apps could indeed be utilized by individuals looking to conceal questionable activities, including infidelity. The secrecy afforded by these apps can encourage risky behavior, as users, especially minors, might not fully grasp the legal and emotional implications of storing and sharing sexually explicit material.

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