“This is what happens when you park like an a——.” Bad Parking Meets Creative Justice With Zip-Ties

Parking etiquette is a topic that has been debated for years. While parking rules are straightforward, only some follow them, leading to inconvenience and sometimes even damage to other vehicles.

A recent incident where a man took a unique approach to teach a lesson to a badly parked car has gone viral, sparking mixed reactions from the public.

The Basics of Parking

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Parking a car might seem like a simple task, but it’s essential to get it right. As per standard driving tests, drivers are taught to park their vehicles correctly, either slanting by parking lines or horizontally on streets.

Despite this, many drivers choose to park haphazardly, causing inconvenience to others.

Such actions can lead to accidents or body damage to nearby cars.

A Viral Response to Bad Parking

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In a recent incident, Justin Ellis shared a video showcasing his unique response to a car parked incorrectly.

The video’s caption stated,

“This is what happens when you park like an a——.”

The footage showed Justin approaching a family van parked at a slanted angle in a Texas parking lot.

Armed with a shopping cart, Justin proceeded to attach the cart to the driver’s side of the van using two zip ties. After securing the cart, he showed disrespect towards the driver.

Justin did not hesitate to show the license plate of the improperly parked car, suggesting that the driver might not be pleased upon discovering the video.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

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The internet was quick to react to Justin’s actions. Some viewers appreciated his attempt to teach the driver a lesson, while others criticized him for being immature.

One user commented,

“People have too much time on their hands ,”

while another pointed out that sometimes other cars force drivers to park crookedly.

Another user expressed concern, stating,

“I would love to do this but would be worried in case it was a poor elderly person who struggles to park .”

The Ethics of Retaliation

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While it’s understandable to feel frustrated when encountering a badly parked car, taking matters into one’s own hands might not always be the best approach.

Actions like Justin’s can have legal consequences, especially if caught on camera or witnessed by the car owner.

It’s essential to remember that while teaching someone a lesson might feel satisfying, it’s always better to approach such situations with empathy and understanding.

The ethics surrounding parking space savers, as highlighted in a WBUR article[1] , mirror the sentiments expressed here.

Retaliation for Parking Spots

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Just as one might feel the urge to claim a shoveled-out spot with a chair or cone (Chicago has a tradition around this that mayors endorse ²), the frustration of encountering a poorly parked car can be equally vexing.

However, the potential retaliation—whether it’s confronting someone over a saved spot or reacting to a parking violation—can lead to unintended consequences, both legally and ethically.

Parking etiquette is crucial for ensuring a smooth traffic flow and preventing unnecessary inconveniences. While it’s tempting to retaliate against those who don’t follow the rules, it’s essential to consider the potential consequences and the feelings of others.

After all, a little patience and understanding can go a long way in creating a harmonious driving environment for everyone.

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