McDonald’s Customer Stunned by Near $10 Bill for 3 Hash Browns: ‘This should be half that at most’

Who knew that the cost of your favorite McDonald’s meal might change just by crossing the city or state lines? A recent TikTok revelation has many scratching their heads, as it showcased notable price differences for the same item within one country, depending on the location.

This discovery has led to broader discussions on regional pricing strategies. Curious about the why and how? Let’s get into this.

The Viral Hash Brown Video

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Jammie addresses a comment on her video that challenges the cost of three hashbrowns, with the commenter stating, “3 hashbrowns is 4 dollars, nice try.” In response, Jammie clarifies that the price of hashbrowns “varies at different locations.”

To validate her claim, she visits a McDonald’s drive-thru and inquires about the price of three hash browns without intending to order them. The employee informs her that a single hash brown is priced at $3.29, making the total for three hash browns $9.87.

The price quoted is even steeper in a separate video, presumably from another McDonald’s location. Although Jammie can’t order the hash browns because it is past breakfast time, the employee provides a price of “$10.17 plus tax,” roughly amounting to around $11.00.

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Public Reaction to the Price Discrepancy

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Commenters on Jammie’s video expressed surprise at the varying prices of McDonald’s hash browns across different locations.

One user questioned the city Jammie was in, to which she responded that she was in San Diego.

Most viewers shared that in their respective cities, the cost of a hash brown was approximately $2.00. Specific prices included $1.79 in Port Orange, FL, $1.89 in Ohio, and $1.79 in Michigan.

However, a few viewers believed that the $9.87 Jammie paid for three hash browns was a bargain compared to their local prices.

One mentioned that three hash browns in their area cost :

“$18.45 before tax,” while another said the price was “$18.”

Several commenters recommended that Jammie utilize the McDonald’s mobile app to avail discounts.

One user shared their recent purchase: “I just got 2 hash browns and 4 sausage biscuits for like $8. Are y’all not using the app?” Jammie responded with a simple “No.” Another commenter advised, “Use the app you get 20% off.”

The Rising Cost of McDonald’s Hash Browns

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When McDonald’s adjusted the price of their iconic hash brown, the internet erupted in disapproval.

The once-beloved Dollar Menu star, the McDonald’s hash brown, now retails for a staggering $3.09. This price hike isn’t just a marketing gimmick; it reflects the broader trend of rising food costs in America due to inflation.

Breakfast at McDonald’s, once a cheap delight, has now become a costly affair. This price change ignited debates hotter than the infamous McDonald’s coffee incident of 1994.

Some called for drastic measures in response to the price, while others suggested alternatives like the 10.4-pack of hash browns from Trader Joe’s. The underlying sentiment? People want their affordable hash browns back.

McDonald’s Pricey Menu Items

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Across the nation, restaurant prices have soared. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that food away from home was 7.7% more expensive in June 2023 compared to June 2022.

Even McDonald’s, historically a budget-friendly option, has been upping its prices over recent years. The company cited inflation and increased food and commodity costs as reasons. Customers have been vocal about their displeasure, especially when it comes to items that were once dirt cheap.

For instance, a TikToker highlighted that a single hash brown cost $2.29, more than a $2 breakfast sandwich deal on the app. Another shocker? McDonald’s fries, a fan favorite, have seen a price surge, with some customers opting out due to the cost.

The McChicken sandwich, once a dollar-menu staple, now costs up to $5 in some places, leaving customers nostalgic for the days of the $1 McChicken.

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