Millennials Share What Their Lives Would Have Been Like If COVID-19 Happened In 2010 Instead

Imagine a world where the COVID-19 pandemic hit us a decade earlier, in 2010. How different would our lives be?

Millennials lived very different lives back then and they share intriguing scenarios of what could’ve been.

1. E-Learning via Skype

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“God, could you imagine e-learning via Skype?”

In a world where Skype was the go-to platform for video calls, transitioning to online learning would have been a significant adjustment.

The platform, not designed for educational purposes, would have posed challenges for both students and teachers, making the learning process less efficient and more frustrating for all involved.

2. Financial Struggles

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“I was way too broke to not be working customer service at that time, it would have been a nightmare financially. Job market wise it would not have been much different.”

For those already facing financial difficulties, the pandemic would have added another layer of stress. Working in customer service and barely making ends meet, the pandemic would have created a financial nightmare, making it even more challenging to manage expenses and maintain a stable living situation.

3. Job Market

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“Older millennial here – the US was just coming out of the great recession. I was working in a data entry position in a relatively newer field. Covid in 2010 would have spiraled the economy into a depression. One we might just be now getting over.”

In 2010, the US was recovering from the Great Recession ¹. The addition of a pandemic would have likely pushed the economy back into a depression, from which we might only now be recovering.

This would have created a much more challenging job market for everyone, especially for those just starting their careers.

4. Mental Health

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“It would have impacted me more in 2010.
2010 was the last big social year of my life before the agoraphobia took over. Probably one of the most active summers outside of my life (I had just turned 18)”

For those already struggling with mental health issues, the pandemic could have had a more profound impact.

The pandemic and the resulting social distancing could have accelerated this process, leading to a more rapid decline in mental health.

5. Family Relationships

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“My entire family got into Qanon/far-right conspiracy theories and we haven’t spoken in two years, so probably very different.”

The pandemic has strained many family relationships. If the pandemic had occurred in 2010, the dynamics of many families could have been altered, leading to strained relationships and a lack of trust.

6. Overlapping Crises

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“That would have been a much worse tragedy. That would have overlapped with swine flu and the Great Recession. I would have been fighting to get hours at my fast food job, juggling my last semester of college, and my roommates and I were barely making rent as it is.”

2010 was already a challenging year with the swine flu outbreak and the Great Recession. Adding a pandemic to the mix would have created an even more significant tragedy.

The struggle to manage multiple crises at once would have been overwhelming for many.

7. A More Competitive Housing & Job Market

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“I graduated college in 2009 and there were articles coming out encouraging college grads to take fast food jobs because it was better than being homeless. I worked as a records clerk at a law firm at the time and we had 60 applicants with law degrees apply for a single paralegal position. Everywhere you looked it was foreclosures, bankruptcies, and layoffs.”

The housing crisis and job market competition were already intense in 2010. The pandemic would have exacerbated these challenges, as illustrated by the records clerk.

This heightened competition would have made it even more difficult for many to secure stable housing and employment.

8. A Matter of Life and Death

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“I would have probably died no lie.”

One person shared a harrowing account of how they probably would not have survived the pandemic if it had occurred in 2010.

At that time, they were living in their car, surviving off the Taco Bell value menu, and drinking vitamin C packets because they believed it would help them until they could get health insurance.

Fast forward to 2020, they had money saved, a turning point in their career, good health insurance, and the resources to not be crushed by the pandemic.

9. A Different World Cup Outcome

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“2010 was also the year of Spain winning their first World Cup if it had been delayed two years probably the results would have been different.”

The year 2010 was memorable for many reasons, including Spain winning their first World Cup. If the pandemic had caused a two-year delay in the tournament, football history would have been very different.

10. Missing Milestones

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“I would have been the graduating class that had no prom or ceremonies. Who knows if I would have started college in the fall. Would not have worked in a restaurant that summer. Might not have met my now husband.”

Graduating from high school is a significant milestone, marked by prom and graduation ceremonies. However, one noted that if the pandemic had occurred in 2010, they would have missed out on these important events.

11. A Love Story Never Begun

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“My husband and I started dating that year. I don’t think we would have ever gotten together if COVID started then.”

The pandemic disrupted many aspects of daily life, including personal relationships. One shared that 2010 was the year they started dating their husband. If the pandemic had started then, they believe their relationship would never have blossomed, altering the course of their personal life significantly.

12. A Second Chance at Love

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“I wouldn’t be remarried.”

For another, the pandemic in 2010 would have meant missing out on a second chance at love. Going through a divorce at the time, they wouldn’t have been going out and, consequently, would never have met the bartender who later became their spouse.

13. Blessing In Disguise

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“Considering I was already stuck at home for a period of time it would of worked out fine.”

For some, the pandemic’s requirement to stay at home was not a significant change. One noted that since they were already stuck at home for a period in 2010, the pandemic would have worked out fine for them, showcasing how different life situations influenced the pandemic’s impact on individuals.

14. An Introvert’s Perspective

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“I’ve always been introverted, but I was more socially active in 2010 because I was still in high school. All of my extracurriculars would have been put on indefinite hold, but my gaming life would not have been impacted by one iota.”

The pandemic affected people differently based on their personalities and lifestyles.

15. Chaotic WFH Transition

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“Chaos would have ensued”

One person, an ‘old millennial,’ shared the challenges they would have faced transitioning to work-from-home (WFH) in 2010. Working in a call center with 1000 people, it would have been nearly impossible to avoid getting sick if the company was declared essential.

Additionally, the user shared the personal impact of the pandemic on their family planning. The IVF process to conceive their second daughter started in September 2010.

With medical offices shut down during the pandemic, it might not have been possible to get IVF, resulting in a different child or no child at all.

16. The Silver Lining of Family Support

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“I was still living with my parents at the time.”

For some, living with family during the pandemic was a silver lining. One person shared that they were living with their parents in 2010, which would have meant not being alone 24/7 for an entire year. This support system would have been crucial during a time of global crisis.

17. The Dark Side of Lockdown

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“In 2010 it was peak domestic violence in my home and my parents had declared bankruptcy I was very suicidal too and most likely would’ve done it”

The pandemic brought to light the dark side of lockdown for many.

A person said that 2010 was a year of so much darkness in their home. If the pandemic happened, the person may not have been able to have been here to say it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives in many ways. If it had occurred in 2010, the challenges we faced would have been different, but no less significant.

From the impact on our mental health to our professional development, the pandemic has shaped our lives in ways we could not have imagined.

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