Millennials vs. Gen Z: Who’s Making a Difference?

Amidst societal changes, the influence of different generations captivates attention. One TikTok video with 796k views sparked a discussion on the approaches of millennials and Gen Z in making a positive impact.

Debates range from accusations of complaining to acknowledging external barriers hindering substantial change.

The Struggle for Social Change

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In the TikTok video, the creator suggests that millennials have been criticized for their apparent lack of action compared to Gen Z. She argues:

“Someone said that the reason millennials are picking at Gen. Z is because Gen. Z has come of age, and we’re making changes to the world for the better. And millennials just complained about it, the world, but didn’t do anything. It’s not that they didn’t do anything; it’s that they couldn’t do anything.”

Millennials encounter challenges driving social change due to growing up in a predominantly conservative voting environment. However, not all millennials share the same perspectives, including some with conservative views.

In addition, the influence of previous generations, such as Gen X, baby boomers, and the silent era, who held traditional beliefs, has limited the impact of millennial votes.

Gen Z: A New Force for Change

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Later in the video, it emphasizes the significance of Gen Z’s emergence. She states:

“Now that Gen. Z is of age, though, those are two generations that are percentage-wise more open-minded than the other generation. The Silent Generation is also pretty much gone, so we don’t have to worry about their vote. The Boomers are next.”

Gen Z’s entrance into the voting age bracket shows that Gen Z and millennials exhibit more open-mindedness than other generations. Furthermore, the influence of the Silent Generation is decreasing, alleviating the need to prioritize their voting patterns.

Therefore, the upcoming focus will be on the baby boomer generation as the next significant factor in voting impact.

Acknowledging Individual Agency

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The video presents the significance of individual agency in driving change, cautioning against generalizing entire generations and highlighting the complexity of social dynamics.

While millennials have encountered limitations, many individuals within this generation actively contributed to positive transformations. However, it is crucial to recognize that not all Gen Z individuals hold the same beliefs and act similarly.

It sparked a range of responses, expressing diverse viewpoints. Some have praised Gen Z’s determination to change positively and adapt to evolving social and technological landscapes.

Others argue that it is unfair to criticize millennials as they face obstacles beyond their control.

One user commented,

“Media is pushing a divide because they’re terrified of millennials and Gen Z working together.”

Another user added,

“We are BARELY represented in Congress. Trust us, we are trying. Once we are in there, we will represent you.”

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