Mom Reveals Hack for Getting Groceries 50% Off

Grocery costs can be a significant burden, especially for families. The article from Yahoo News discusses a unique and effective way to cut grocery bills in half while also contributing positively to the environment.

The secret lies in an app called Flashfood, which partners with grocery stores to sell food nearing its expiration date at a discount of up to 50%.

How Does It Work?

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Self-described “DIY/Gardening/Homesteading/Foodprep/Momlife” user Dominique Raether shared her experience with the Flashfood app.

The grocery stores list food items that are about to expire on the app, and users can simply search and click whatever they want to buy.

Raether showcased her haul of two pork tenderloins, one bag of bagels, 12 chicken breasts, and 14 smoked pork chops, all for about $55. She plans to freeze these items and use them as needed, leading to significantly cheaper meals.

Impact on Food Waste

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Food waste is a significant global issue, with an estimated 30-40% of the food supply ending up as waste, particularly in the United States. Grocery stores contribute to 13% of the total food waste in the U.S.

The Flashfood app helps mitigate this problem by selling food nearing its expiration date, preventing it from ending up in landfills where it releases harmful gases contributing to global warming.

Public Response

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The public response to the Flashfood app and its initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. Users of the app have expressed their satisfaction with the service, noting the significant savings and the contribution to reducing food waste.

One user mentioned,

“I love Flashfood. I do it too. My freezer is full.”

Flashfood: A Sustainable Shopping Experience

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In New York, the Flashfood app is making waves by offering significant discounts on groceries nearing their best-by date. Available in Queens and at Stop & Shop locations across the Tri-State Area, Flashfood allows customers to easily find and purchase discounted items like fruit, bread, milk, and meat online and then pick them up in-store.

The app is not just a boon for budget-conscious shoppers; it’s also helping to combat food waste, a significant issue in the United States. By rescuing food before it expires, Flashfood reduces the 170 million metric tons of CO2e greenhouse gas emissions associated with food loss and waste each year in the country.

Ensuring Food Safety & Expanding Reach

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Despite concerns about the safety of food nearing its best-by date, experts affirm the reliability of such products. Jenna Harris, Associate Director of Donor Relations and Supply Chain at City Harvest, assures that the “best-by” term is ambiguous, and the dates set by manufacturers often contribute to unnecessary waste.

Flashfood is currently available at over 1,000 locations across North America, and there are plans to expand the program to even more Stop & Shop stores, making discounted groceries more accessible to a larger audience and continuing to make a positive environmental impact.

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