“Going to Work Is Like a Break”: Mom’s Viral Video Admits Work Is Her Breather

Do you ever feel like being at work is a break from the chaos of parenting? You’re not alone. Veronica, a mom and TikTok user, bravely admitted she finds long work hours more manageable than a day at home with her little one.

Her honesty hit home for countless parents, and her video became a virtual confessional, with others sharing their own “unpopular” parenting truths.

Let’s dive into this refreshing take on the realities of parenthood. Are you ready?

Work vs. Stay-at-Home Parenting

For some individuals, the allure of being a stay-at-home parent eventually diminishes, leading them to contemplate whether life might be more manageable if they worked outside the home. Having experienced both scenarios, I recognize how one’s identity can feel diminished when solely parenting at home during the typical working hours.

Conversely, it’s natural to speculate whether life might be simpler as a working parent, envisioning days spent in pajamas, enjoying shows like Bluey, and indulging in midday naps alongside your child.

While the latter scenario seems idyllic, it’s mostly a fantasy. Of course, there are undeniable benefits to being a stay-at-home parent, such as the opportunity for extensive quality time with your children.

However, there’s merit in allowing both yourself and your child the space to yearn for each other’s company, rather than being in constant proximity. Veronica, a parent herself, understands this sentiment.

In her TikTok video, Veronica articulates that, for her, choosing to work rather than staying at home full-time feels “like a break” — a necessary one.

“Being at home all day with the toddler… that is not for the weak,” she asserts. “I’m working 10 and 12 hour shifts and that is easier.”

She acknowledges her perspective might “offend someone” due to its forthrightness. Yet, her statement essentially applauds stay-at-home parents, acknowledging the immense mental effort involved in dedicating oneself to caring for children around the clock.

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Empathy Among Parents

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The response to Veronica’s video was a wave of empathy and solidarity, with many parents admitting they feel the same. Comments revealed that the issue isn’t about not wanting to spend time with their children but rather about the need for personal time and mental space, which is often scarce for stay-at-home parents.

One mother shared her candid experience, commenting,

“No fr, [I] wanted to be a SAHM so bad, now I wanna go back to work. Staying home is harder.”

Echoing this sentiment, another individual concurred,

“Stayed home for 18 months. Now I work full-time. And yes!!!! A million times yes!”

The struggle transcends circumstances, touching those who’ve navigated both worlds of being a stay-at-home parent and a working parent, particularly regarding the scarcity of personal time. One comment reflected this dual experience:

“I used to be part-time SAHM and part-time working mom and the easy days were definitely the ones at work.”

The Hidden Struggles of Work-From-Home Parents

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Veronica’s video resonates with a universal theme among parents, shedding light on the unseen challenges of stay-at-home parenting. This commendation acknowledges the often underappreciated efforts of those who choose or need to stay at home with their kids. The reality, however, is that working from home, especially for parents, isn’t the leisurely endeavor many perceive it to be.

Parents juggle multiple schedules, balance budgets, and support their children’s educational needs, all while managing their professional responsibilities. This constant multitasking is often undervalued, despite the transferable skills it develops. The flexibility of working from home does offer more time with children and eliminates the need for a commute, but it also presents unique challenges.

Staying focused amidst household distractions, maintaining a professional rhythm, and feeling isolated are common struggles. Furthermore, the blending of personal and professional spaces can make work-life balance seem like an unattainable concept.

Undervaluing the Skills of Stay-at-Home Parents

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Transitioning back to the workforce is another mountain that stay-at-home parents must conquer. A staggering 93% of stay-at-home moms anticipate challenges when re-entering the workforce, primarily due to the undervaluation of their skills and experience.

The bias in hiring processes is evident, with 73% reporting that their time as stay-at-home parents is seen as a gap in their resume rather than valuable experience. This underestimation extends to a lack of opportunities for career advancement and a struggle to find positions that accommodate their caregiving responsibilities.

Despite these hurdles, stay-at-home parents possess many transferable skills, from time management to conflict resolution. Recognizing and rebranding these skills can be key to successfully navigating the return to professional life.

The journey of stay-at-home parents deserves recognition, not just for the challenges they face but also for the profound skills they bring to the table.

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